Moja tu, Kiheshma: Like married men do

A woman is just a big child

they love bright colors, they love sweet things, they love fantasy lifestyles just like kids do …and i could go on and on and on

If you seat down with men that have been successful in marriage …i mean, married for long …they will tell you a woman, just like a kid, is how you train her. When you have a woman for a relationship, you have a clean slate. You can programme her in any way you deem fit.

On sex, when you get the woman you wish to get married to, dont train her to expect thresholds upon thresholds`. Ukimfunza 3 shots in bed shauri yako …the day utampa moja due to medical reasons or whatever ndo nyumba itaanza kusambaratika.

if you talk to the men that have been succesful at it, utaambiwa sex shot ni short. Shot ni moja tu, kiheshma.

stand advised.

Sit down.

@Horus BINGWA, kaka tulia. Hata kule jamii forum watusumbua

Does this advice apply to just Ethiopians ama pia wakenya?

i forgot to put you on my ignore list with this handle… here u go

Go away immature old man

Bingwa I know you’re single ju ulishindwa ma wanawake. Unajua hiyo ni disability?



sipo huko

Woria unatoapi ii advice na hujai kua na bibi?

This joker hasn’t exhausted his daily allowance of stupid?

You know how people who have never owned a car have the loudest opinions about car ownership.

So true.

You have a wife and she screams when I furk her, almost as loudly as you do when she’s giving you yout weekly beating for having any opinion.

This was long overdue foreplay has now started: Mathice vs sluttybuttfirwa

BIngwa tombwa ulale

I see the thought of sliding in my semen still turns you on.


kweli kapsa inaitwaga moja ya nguvu been there for 18yrs now na inaletaga usingizi poa tu sana.hizi thresholds za hapa ni kelele ka away match kakijipa kanapataga moja ama mbili za nguvu kuruka

Don’t comfort yourself when you are weak in bedroom matters