The former president has been admitted at Nairobi Hospital. Mnaonaje wakubwa is he gonna make it or this is it for the old dude?

Enjoy a random photo of a Hippo.

wachana na yeye. kwani akifa utapewa ukule?
kuna watu kama wewe wanaumianga sana kama mtu hajafa wapate muchene ya kuongea. chienz!

At that age of his sio rahisi to make it.

For sure you are worse than a baby .


He was OK. They admitted him for observation only

Is he your father?

si akufe , by the way , why didn’t moi go to the MOI REFFERAL HOSPITAL yenye alijengea wakale …bure kabisa

Why kill him before his day.Does he owe you anything?

That hippopotamus looks like Mudavadi.

Wish him well, only question is, in the event he passes away, will the tax payer be relieved from paying for his upkeep?

Anajua huko ni ngori.

That nigga isn’t going anywhere …

On Moi day you (led by Meria) were spreading the same rumors about Kibaki.

Atoke kabarnet gardens aende eldy?

For eternity kama mausoleum ya Kenyatta

He is likely to hit a century.

You’re making conclusions, yet you don’t even know why he’s there…

Generally people who are 95 can easily die from the smallest infection. When people decide to admit you to hospital, there is usually a compelling reason to do so. Even Mugabe knew his days were numbered when he was president… his presidential motorcade had an ambulance

you assume i give a sh** about where the f*** kabarnet is ?