Moi viewing

Kwani the whole of Nairobi is going to view Moi’s body? The queues are unending on TV. It seems only ktalk birrionares who are not bothered

all those fuckwits going to see the corpse are REALLY what is wrong in Kenya.

Let the people pay their last respects to our fallen former leader. I see nothing wrong with that.

Kenya hakuna kazi na biashara saa hii. Bonobos wamepanga line from KRA. Line inaenda mpaka sheria house then inarudi mpaka jogoo house ikiingia na Taifa Road to join City Hall way all the way to parliament. Na kumbuka in mbili. Moja ya men na engine ya women. Jionee

Venye @dingoo_wa_ingoo amesema

Moi and Numbers 2 & 4 have several strange coincidences:
He was born in 1924.
He rule for 24 years.
He has 24 grandchildren.
He died on 02/04
Yesterday, 24,000 people viewed his body.

I am sure kuna jinga iko Kwa line. Na haijui line ni ya nini

Just for a cadaver!
Enyewe wasee wamekosa kazi kabisa

Same way bonobo zitapanga line kupigia BBI yes

It’s really sad we have to share a country with such dimwits!!!