Moi University closed following staff strike

Learning at Moi University has been indefinitely stopped after the institution closed down following the ongoing strike of its staff.

In a notice to the students, the university’s administration said that they have suspended teaching and learning activities because the strike had affected their operations.

“At a special meeting held on Wednesday, October 27, the Senate has resolved to suspend teaching and learning activities at Main Campus indefinitely due to the ongoing industrial action by the university staff that has affected the university’s operations,” a memo signed by the university’s DVC Prof Isaac Kimengi said.

Following the suspension of the learning activities in the institution, the university has ordered students to vacate the university premises and hostels latest on Thursday, October 28 at noon.

The closure of the university comes at a time when the institution’s lecturer and supporting staff have been on strike over delayed salaries. They claim that they have not been paid their salaries since July 2021.

Speaking to the media on Monday, the lecturers said that they will only go back to class once they are paid their dues in full.

Our athletic brethren…wameshindwa kumanage a university…na nchi je?..watatafuna yote.

I have experience of taking people for first year admission…in was smooth from gate to hostel…the pandemonium in moi university is story for another day.

Mku a.k.a Malaya kuja usome has the best management .

walikataa mutu akuwe vais chansela juu si mkalejinga. Hao ndio watu wanataka kutawala hii kenya. :D:D

Kalenjins have an interesting way of looting institutions. Not to justify thievery by other communities but at least wengine huiba but with a focus on the overarching objective. Kalejingas loot everything. If in doubt, look at KPTC, KPLC, Kenya Seed, KPC et al when they were at the helm. Wanton theft my fren.

Wa Kenya seed mpaka amegrab hiyo kambi akashikwa…

Arap mashamba ikiingia Sudi ata kuwa anaendea pesa kwa parastatals kama his predecessor Biwott…Their arrogance MTU wao akiwa kwa uwongozi stinks to the high heavens.

It was on news recently that the University took a loan to pay salaries

They lay to waste everything they touch. I don’t know whether their cattle-rustling mentality is what drives them to steal everything to the ground.


Well put all nilotes wako na shida ya ubongo.

Juzi it was revealed the university has 1,000 ghost workers in the payroll with the cash being eaten by the top management.


Last week, the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) said it had launched a probe into allegations of ghost workers, a bloated workforce and alleged embezzlement of funds at the office of the Vice Chancellor.
In a letter dated September 7 addressed to the Vice Chancellor, Prof Isaac Kosgei, the anti-graft watchdog had requested the management to provide it with original documents detailing all of the varsity’s teaching and non-teaching staff as from July 1, 2018 to date.

EACC said it had received a tip-off alleging that the institution of higher learning has a bloated payroll with most employees being ghost workers.

And you people are saying you want to elect jambaz in 2022 and we get back into the hole it has taken us 20yrs to get ourselves out of? Kweli wakenya hawana akili.

We are not even half way out of that hole of that 24 year misrule. Kleptomania, corruption, mega scandals, ineptitude, cronyism, tribalism, cluelessness, hopelessness etc that permeated every institution and facet of Kenyan life.

Also put into consideration that the Sugoi thief was an understudy of Moi. The man that now wants to take the reigns of power. Perhaps they’re nostalgic for those bygone years.

Tutalilia kwa kioro I swear. It’s as if we didn’t get enough of Moi. These people steal as if they are migrating the next day.

Kalenjins are naturaly looters , yaani mtoto anazaliwa akiona vile atakuwa cook wa shule na kuuza ngombe ya shule

@Tarantinoh @Kalenjin101 @Kalenjin101 @Kemoi

i think the MOI school managements plan is to force the parents to accept a raise in fees UON style . they want to increase fees from 15,000 to 60,000 according to my sources at NIS

Tutamchagua ukitaka kuhama uhame

Just abolish " regular programs" and let students finance their own education, might seem unfair to the poor but quality of university education has really fallen because of low funds in university s

mgtow wewe ulisema ulifanya vasectomy at 14 years , hauwezi zalisha dem, so usiongee mahali wazazi tunaongelea mambo ya watoto wetu na fees . ghasssia