Moi sold the same land to 2 different people at 500 million

Source: Nation

Retired President Daniel arap Moi appears to have sold a piece of land in a posh Nairobi suburb to two different buyers, according to records provided by United States International University-Africa.

He first transferred the property in Muthaiga North estate to DPS International Limited on November 10, 1988, while he was still President.

Last year, he reported the title deed was lost and the land file was missing. He applied for and was issued with a fresh title deed. Three weeks ago, he used the fresh title deed to sell the land to a developer for Sh500 million.

His application for the land file to be reconstructed was announced by Nairobi Land Registrar W. M. Muigai in Kenya Gazette Notice No. 236 of January 16, 2015.

USIU-A is accusing Dr George Kiongera of grabbing its land.

On Wednesday, the university community, including Chancellor Manu Chandaria and Vice-Chancellor Paul Tiyambe Zeleza held a demonstration on Thika Road to demand that action be taken against Dr Kiongera. However, the Kenyan who lives in the US provided documents to show that he bought the land from Mr Moi.

Mr Moi’s spokesman, Mr Lee Njiru, neither did not answer or return Daily Nation’s calls. Other parties mentioned in the transaction, such as Kanu secretary-general Nick Salat, who normally speaks for the former President’s son and Baringo Senator Gideon Moi, also did not answer calls.

The disputed land was ringed with men armed with rungus, slashers, machetes and sticks.

Details of how the 40-acre prime property near the affluent suburb of Muthaiga changed hands from Joreth Limited to Mr Moi on March 30, 1982, and ended up with Dr Kiongera is a complex but fascinating story.

Joreth Ltd was at the time owned by former Head of Public Service Duncan Ndegwa.

The land ended up in the possession of yet another Ndegwa, Philip, through his insurance company, ICEA, which later sold the land to USIU-A, according to the university.


Nine months after Mr Moi reported the title missing, the Registrar of Titles issued a new certificate of ownership on September 17, last year saying it shall be valid in place of the lost one. This is the document which Dr Kiongera relied on when he bought the property.

The Gazette notice said Mr Moi was the registered owner of the land LR No 12422/19 that “by virtue of a certificate of title registered as I.R. 36415/1, and whereas the land register in respect thereof is lost or destroyed, and whereas efforts made to locate the said land register have failed.”

The notice added: “Notice is given that after the expiration of 60 days from the date hereof, the property register shall be reconstructed under the provisions of section 33 (5) of the Act, provided that no objection has been received within that period.”

However, USIU-A on Wednesday produced what it says are records going back 34 years to prove ownership of the land.

While Dr Kiongera maintains that his purchase is above board, the university’s records show the retired President last owned the property 28 years ago.

The new buyer said: “I pity the university because it is innocent. I blame the legal officer who transacted on behalf of USIU-A. I really sympathise with USIU. I have presented my case, let now USIU give their side.”

USIU-A external communications coordinator Jackline Chirchir said records in custody of their advocates, Ndungu Njoroge & Kwach Advocates, traced the ownership to 1980 when the land was owned by Joreth Limited. At the time, the property was part of a bigger parcel of land identified as LR No 12422.

The firm then sub-divided it and produced two parcels — L.R.Nos.12422/18 and 12422/19 – which it transferred to the retired President in 1982. These two portions measured 8.223 and 8.071 hectares, translating to about 40.246 acres in total. The Registrar of Lands issued Mr Moi with two certificates of ownership with the Index Registry Nos as 36414 and 36415.

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On March 26, 1984, while Mr Moi was still President, he consolidated the two titles and was issued with one Title Deed Index Registry No 38524.

“Arising out of the surrender, the two portions were consolidated into one piece which was allocated a new number (Land Reference) LR.No.12597 (original numbers 12422/18 and 12422/19) measuring 16.295 hectares,” the USIU-A statement said.

Mr Moi owned the land until November 10, 1988 when he sold it to DPS International Ltd.


At the same time, former Finance minister Arthur Magugu, who has since died, owned land nearby.

Mr Magugu co-owned the land with his wife and it was identified as LR No 12608 but its original number was 12422/17. He, too, sold his to DPS.

On February 26, 1990, DPS sold the two parcels to Insurance Company of East Africa. Through a deed transfer, ICEA’s parcels were registered as IR 38523/5 and IR 38524/5.

USIU-A came into the picture on May 4, 1999, when it purchased the two parcels from ICEA.

“By a deed of transfer dated May 4, 1999, registered as Number I.R.38523/8 and I.R.38524/8, Insurance Company of East Africa Limited transferred LR Nos12597 and 12608 to United States International University,” the university said.

This means the two parcels, formerly owned by Mr Moi and Mr Magugu, were sold to USIU-A. The land sub-divisions did not stop there because on January 24, 2001, the university entered into an agreement with Balozi Housing Co-operative Society Limited, which owned an adjacent plot.

The society hived off 10 acres from its own land and transferred it to the university. Similarly the university also hived off 10 acres of its land and gave it to Balozi.

“It was agreed between the parties that the parties would excise approximately 10 acres from their respective lands and would exchange the excised portions,” said Ms Chirchir.

“The deed of exchange was duly registered in the registry of titles, and each of the parties were issued with new title deeds. USIU’s title is certificate of title number I.R.106361 dated June 14, 2007.”

Ms Chirchir said that originals of all the documents are available.

Dr Kiongera produced documents showing the transfer of the land from Mr Moi to Maestro Connections Health Systems Ltd on June 6. He owns the company with his wife, Elizabeth Njeri.

Mr Moi was represented by lawyer Jinaro Kibet of TripleOKLaw Advocates in the transactions in question while lawyer Albert Ondieki acted for Dr Kiongera.

Mr Ondieki said he was involved in the transaction from the start and had conducted due diligence with TripleOKLaw.

He said: “I’m surprised people have emerged to claim ownership. I visited the institution (USIU-A) but was met with very rude reception.”

Mr Kibet told the Nation that he represented Mr Moi during the transactions and that he had “acted on the instructions of the seller”.

And they call WSR ‘Arap Mashamba’?

Hehe forrowing

How did Moi acquire that land?
Anyway, we were told that digging up past decadence of Moi’s regime was tantamount to witch hunting. And this Moi has a perfect, land-ideology descendant in the name of WSR. Anyway, it’s all fair when big, greedy hyenas rule small, stupid hyenas. In working nations, Moi would have been seriously interrogated long time ago.

500 Million shillings!!! The guy is almost 100 years old, iyo pesa yote ni ya nini?

It’s called vanity my friend. Vanity. Kibaki’s ‘home’ in Nyeri(a whopping 400m white elephant) is guarded 24/7 although they only succeed in providing security to rats that roam inside the behemoth. The more you have, the more you want. Don’t forget that the richest people consume, at most, only 5% of their wealth. The rest goes to kids who mostly blow it all with prodigal living and poor business management. Lawyers also walk away with a good chunk(due to court cases). Still, a decent amount goes with the wind.
I have no problem with people owning the entire kenya provided it’s due to their hard work and business skills but once you come to Moi and his henchmen, serious questions arise. Expect the same game if, God forbid, Ruto becomes the president. He’s the most vicious of Moi’s scions and, horror of horrors, his obsession with land is hellish. The only difference is that under Ruto there will be lots of PR BS so the ever gullible Kenyans will be treating him as a god as he ferociously rapes the country.

why are people trying too hard to pull WSR into this muck yet it was clearly the affair of others, some of them long dead?

2022 ?

And that’s why he MUST never become PORK and also the reason why Moi should have been prosecuted in 2002 after his presidency to stop this vice of invincibility of the so called high and mighty.

so, u can see the future!

prophets are like that…

Former President Moi sold the land to USIU, that is not in doubt and he wouldn’t stab his buddy Chandaria. In comes gideon Moi trying to raise campaign funds but off course opposition wish its DP Ruto who by fear consumes their minds. Gideon organized getting the new deed and sells it again. That’s where Issac salat comes in. Former President Moi doesn’t transact anything will issac. If anything DP Ruto is very happy with this development, gideon is in trouble with the buyers and Mzee. Linking every scandal that a Kalenjin does to DP Ruto only reinforces his hold in RV as you create a siege mentality that he and they are targeted unfortunately. Win, win win.

Yes senior sss

Moi is WSR’s father figure and he (WSR) inherited all traits: good and bad

That’s is very ignorant in so many levels…wacha tu. I dont even know where to start.

Rutophobia is at an all time high now that its certain babuon is destined for forceful retirement.

Ruto has been fined for illegally occupying land belonging to another person. I am not day dreaming

Which he paid 20 million for but the seller successfully disputed he had authorized it to be sold by an agent. He never even denied it court bit successful showed no link between his consent and the agent. DP Ruto was conned. That land reverted back but its idle. He has unsuccessfully tried to sell it but who in the right mind will try buying it again? If DP Ruto was conned what about other Kenyans. The land is just acquiring leasing charges. In a few years it will be in default and county government will repossess it.

Anyway let’s concentrate on that and turn a complete blind eye to opposition leaders long list of corruption cases from molasses, kazi kwa vijana, 500,000 acres Lamu land grab, funding from drug barons, sugar smugglers, cash briefcases from Asia businessmen to clear impounded goods etc. Why because “you like them” but not this one. Show me a clean politician and I will start believing in 40 years old virgins. That is why I say hypocrisy.

I love the way you analyse and decant issues to their bare essence.

To me its obvious, i don’t cloud my mind with emotions but my experience, knowledge and foresight to articulate issues.

Elections ni next year boss… The corruption going on right now is massive. Mtaijua 2018