Moi & Now Ruto Prove Kalenjins Are The WORST At Governance

Jomo was not perfect but during his rule government even gave university and college students a monthly stipend as well as providing them free accomodation and guaranteed jobs immediately after final exams. Sceptics will say that back then Kenya had a small population.

Moi found functioning institutions but being a natural born Thief ran everything to the ground.

Kibaki inherited a ran down and broken country and fixed it in his first term without always passing blame to Moi unlike the current cunt occupying statehouse.

Uhuru in as much he was a drunkard he carefully delegated crucial departments and ministries to qualified persons unlike this vegetable head who dished out more ministries to school dropouts.

Ruto, worst scumbag and disaster to ever befall Kenya since the days of Zinjanthropus


Say something about the people who voted for Ruto, what do you think is their IQ?


Stupid church people voted for this murderer


Well that really sucks for you bruh. I mean … I want to feel your pain but I can’t man … I really can’t. I suppose it’s likely due to my experiences being the exact opposite, that gives me a different perspective on the realities of a Kalenjin government.
In my reality, the Moi government was the best government to have ever existed as far as I/we (family) were concerned, life couldn’t have been better. Technically, I was raised by the state during my early childhood n pre teenage … y’all know that. Hadi nilidhani Landrover zote za GK ni zetu.
Then in comes Ruto government. And as fate would have it, just like during his mentor and political Godfather time in power. Some shit stir’s up that inevitably leads the new “inexperienced regime” to conclude that- despite our political and ideological differences primarily as far as the Pokot community issue (rustling) is concerned having the Rustlers family at the dinner table may not be such a bad idea and the invitations didn’t take long to come.
I project rustlers family networth will significantly increase during this period of a Kalenjin led government … like it’s supposed to; second only to Moi’s time.
For that I will not apologize for shit. @Ndindu umekua na 20yrs ya kula while I was out in the cold. Shida iko wapi tukikula pia. Ungekula sumni uweke sumni like @sani would of said.
I was and still I’m an anti- ruto on a personal level but hey … who I’m I to bitch under the circumstance.
Being born a Pokot in this shithole is certainly the best thing that happened to me. Worked out pretty damn well.

See in politics it’s always about self interest and preservation first.
Na Pokot sio wakale lakini tunakula geki… Bole bole …

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Wewe huwezi ona ubaya wa Ruto ama Moi because your dad was Moi’s employee. Wewe ni beneficiary wa Moi. So tunakuelewa.

Wewe ni Fala kiasi, just because I am Kikuyu and Uhuru and Kibaki is/was kikuyu didn’t put me at an advantage. Saa hii naona Kaljins na Kipsigis wanalia vile maisha imekuwa ngumu na eti kijana wao ndio mkubwa. Like they put it, Serikali ni yetu but wanalia. Bandits wanauwa watoto wao kila siku and Ruto can’t save them


Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

So,it’s a chain of events until things are equalised,after gikuyus and kalenjins other tribes will have to jump in that mud too,then we can all take a shower and create a functioning society.

Your turn to eat will come,they started it,they can’t complain

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As much as you try to justify everything you’ve said in your last 2 sentences…

What’s the point of being a king among paupers, who view you (correctly or not) as the cause of their poverty and misery? “Subjects” who don’t love and respect you (only pretend to do so) and are always scheming on how to steal from you and even finish you off with the belief (mistaken or not) that with your exit, their misery will be solved?

With wealth acquired in such a way, you will never be at peace, always on your guard, always on the look out for enemies (real or imagined) out to harm you. The only way you can enjoy your wealth is to go to Dubai or those other “exotic” places, which is a shame really since that is akin to female behaviour (wanting to enjoy what other men have built instead of building yours and enjoying it at home).

Fine, you don’t give a fly’s ass about JSKS, but wouldn’t it be better if opportunities were open for everyone and let the best sort themselves out from the ruble and have an equitable society where the poor have only themselves to blame? Where there’s goodwill all around and you can enjoy your wealth without fear of being a target?


Lumbwa wewe.

You were his biggest supporter

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Hii nayo ni revisionism of the highest order, lets start with the curious case of the missing Eurobond, the poorly thought out CBC and its subsequent rollout, NYS scandals, Afya House Scandals, KEMSA scandals, BRT fail, SGR fail, UHC fail, Huduma number fail, Green Park Terminus fail, Olympic Games scandals, chenye Amina alikuwa anafanya sports, dams scandals, free laptops scandals, GDC scandal, Covid Billionaires, chickengate, affordable housing units project stalling and most infamous of all the failed BBI nonsense.

Hizi nguvu za kufanya revisionism mnatoanga wapi?

Heri Mlevi Uhuru mara Elfu

WSR was orchestrating many of the schemes. Ferk konyagi tho’


Some if not most of the cases against the crooks have been withdrawn during ruto’s time. Could it be because his people were the thieves?

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People like you are lower than dogs in my eyes. Unakuja kuringia watu na pesa ya wizi kijana? No wonder Pokots are the lowest forms of life in the world.

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If you’ve ever been to pokot land then ungehurumia huyo mjinga sijui anajigamba nini. Living in opulence when your brothers are in the stone age is a big shame. People who cant even access clothes hehehe na mtu anaringa hapa :rofl:


How can a country develop with these dumb fucks? Ati stolen wealth is something to brag about. This arsehole has no other achievement to brag about.

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Niggers … chill out. Hakuna aja ya makasiriko wadau. I mean y’all can call me what u want … still makes no difference to me. I didn’t choose my own cards … they were dealt to me … just like everybody else aight. Chill the fuck out with the attitude fella’s. Someone up there said - what’s the point of being a king among paupers… I say what’s the point of being a slave in heaven while u can be a King in hell. Bro … depends from what perspective u look at it, always two sides of a coin.

My/family conviction to my people has never been in doubt, it’s unshakeable … beyond reproach, questioning it is akin to a death warrant pale ground. It’s not something to be mistaken, our loyalty to them is priceless and theirs to us almost sacred. I personally would do whatever it takes, including getting banged up abroad… just so funds could be released to further the course… aight. It’s not our fault when Ur government… prefer to do deals with us to save face. Well … we saved a all lot of Ur pple (soldiers)from imminent death… you have no idea n should thank me for that ass holes. Y’all just recently got boxed in a corner … that Ur top command had to call for an intervention. We could of easily fucked KIA over 300 uniformed. One call n they backed off … where even politicians had failed. So fuck u … we deserve the whole cake matter of fact. U owe us fuckers

So what you are saying with your fake American accent is that you had no choice but to be a thief just because your father was a thief? Shut the fuck up, you sorry excuse of a human being.

Deal with it bruh. Call me all you want but it is what it is, why should I pretend it’s otherwise. That’s even worse. See … that’s the problem with y’all. You wanna hear whats suits you … you rather not hear what’s actually the truth, just so u could massage ur own ego. I didn’t choose the life… it chose me. I only share my experience… I never said it’s ideal, honest nor by any way decent etc. But that’s my reality… however much it defies popular belief or how u conceptualise normal. I really care less.