moi girls

DNA tests clear male teachers, workers in Moi Girls’ rape saga, examiners say samples did not match those taken from the student who reported she was
defiled. This now shifts focus to latest theory that she was defiled by fellow girls who’re lesbians in the school

Which seems likely lakini Hawa watoto, watatuonyesha mambo.

they dont mind the damage their false allegations will cause others

Court cases loading !

hako kasaitani kalisema kamekamuliwa na waalimu should be prosecuted too

sikuskia mtu akisema hivyo, link?

Parents bringing up spoilt rotten children.
Am sure back home she was pampered and given treats to console her after her ‘rape ordeal’.

But what sample did they collect from the girl to compare with the male teachers DNA? If it was lesbianism don’t you think the sample would have shown this?

what will they use to see DNA matches to the lesbians? Cum?

they scooped any and all fluids that was present on that cunt. Maswali ingine?

Lesbianism in girls school is an open secret. My ex girlfriend was a closet lesbian. She was expelled from her school in form 3 under mysterious circumstances. Years later in our relations she asked if we could include one of her girlfriends in the situation.

As a man, I could not agree to this and that is where the relationship ended.

Ati atia? Ulikakataa ka threesome roho safi?


Iyo shule haikosi kuna shemale inavalia skirt


Missed opportunity.



Let’s not judge KAtony, maybe her clit was bigger

Thats how a female can ruin your life. The girl screamed rape and no one bothered to investigate before taking action.