Moi Democratized Kenya

Kenyatta had designed kenya to be a pure kikuyu dictatorship. Moi tried to empower the other communities/to set up a true democracy, based on Kanu party [modeled along the lines of the communist party of china]. We have a lot to thank Moi for.

And how did having a Kalenjin as VP fit into this “pure kikuyu” plan?

kikuyus made moi president , some of them , like njonjo were soo powerful & untouchable . he shielded moi against the naysayers to the presidency.

They thought moi would be clueless… kumbe he was a genius, though not very educated.

There was a time when all KAF pilots were kikuyus! It was a sad affair, really. If it was not for moi, kenya would eventually have ended in a rwanda-like situation (anti-tutsi/anti-kikuyu). Moi diffused the tension by empowering other communities.

Think about the 2nd liberation. If it was under the current dispensation, the rioters would have been killed and the matter would have ended like that. Under moi, it was possible for people to demonstrate and claim their rights. Today, for every demonstration you hear of a death. Moi arrested his critics and took them to nyayo house and tried to rehabilitate them. Including saboteurs sponsored by foreign nations who would have deserved the death sentence. but moi, the father, rehabilitated them and allowed them back. Today if you are a true government critic (as in, a real critic, not controlled opposition) your body is found in the tsavo. Wapi na wapi.

You little children and your basic knowledge of history. You don’t know shit but keep spewing your nonsense all over the interwebs. Do you know what KADU was? Did you know it was formed by Ronald Ngala and Moi? Did you know it was a coalition of several tribal parties? Did you know it was largely funded by British settlers to try and dilute the influence of Kikuyus and Luos? Did you know it dissolved in 1964 into Jomo’s KANU? How could a person who’d been involved in such political schemes be dismissed as clueless?

I truly admire your commitment to posting complete nonsense.

I can’t tell if this is insulting or just you being your stupid self.

The latter

:smiley: I say,

Ukiweka bean moja kwa soup utaita bean soup? Heheheeeee… Wacha ujanja.

If you were as intelligent as you imagine you are, you wouldn’t be swallowing the ‘moi was bad’ propaganda hook, line and sinker. The fact that you are sucker for propaganda proves that you are of modest intelligence, contrary to what you imagine.

You are an idiot if you would have preferred kenya to remain a kikuyu dictatorship. I mean, it would have been disastrous even to the kikuyu’s themselves in the long run.
You are also an idiot if you don’t realize that it is probably thanks to moi that you were able to attain the education you attained. kenyatta’s plan was for the masses to be uneducated (tanzania-style) leaving only a small educated cream at the top to enjoy the broth.

That is your reading of history and I am obliged to inform you that it is very shallow. Mine is much deeper on how the americans outwitted the british, hence the kanu-kadu merger. and how kenyatta had no option but to choose moi as his vice etc.

Yes, he did… my arse…

It took Moi a very short 36 hours in Aug 1982 to realise that he was meat for bullet any time. And that any time, he could easily become just like the provebial piss in the wind and indeed Kenya him. Mwakenya, for Moi, was not any different from a coup movement.

The problem’s Mwakenya was a myth created with the sole purpose of eliminating detractors, and personal enemies, real and imagined by both Moi and those close to him.

Mwakenya was not a myth banaaa. It was not a rumour. Haikuwa joke. When rumours of madoadoa na jeshi la vijana started floating on Kass kimnatet naet in 2007 wengine tulichukulia joke until it was too late.

I see. Moi was so great that courts are constantly awarding huge sums of money from our taxes to those people he “rehabilitated”.

Facts are as stubborn as your resilience to lies and BS.

Anymore gems of self-proclaimed idiocy you’d like to share?

At what point did I opt for a Kikuyu dictatorship?

I’m all about checks & balances, hence a little advice is you should check your sycophancy.