Moi Day



Hizi korti bandia are sowing a lot of confusion everywhere.

I suggest we make it The Purge Day.

Sasa hii barua ndefu imesema kama iko holide ama hakuna?


Hiyo siku kitunguu itabakia kuwa mbichi…

Kisungu miingi na vifungu vya sheria nkt…na si angesema tu “papric horiday yawa ama akae nayo”

What tha fwack with beating around the bush.

Kwa wale hamjui kuskim, Weno ni holiday bila any formalities kwa hivyo hawkers wa stadium mtulie

Nancy Agutu amesema ni holiday

HIi statement yake ni kama hii meme but na kizungu mingi


Paragraph 1 in our constitution guides this debate fully. The constitution is supreme. All laws and rules not deemed compatible with the constitution is deemed null and void. If any judge can’t even understand that then they should just retire. The constitution set our national holiday. Moi day isn’t one of them. Sasa watu wafanye kazi, having a holiday midweek ruins everything. Banks close, people don’t show up and lazy people get a good excuse not to complete tasks. I prefer a holiday Mon or Friday but not mid week.

We don’t give a ferk! the people who made the constitution removed Moi day to spite him. They have always had a bone to pick with him. Sasa wachaneni na sisi tukule Moi day.

I pride myself in being informed but this one sijaelewa. I thought the Katiba even names the holidays? How can a judge over-rule that?

Judges abuse their powers by trying to legislate at the bench. Their work is to determine matters guided on the laws and Supreme law of the country. Thats the constitution. Sasa when a judge quotes a law before 2010 to overrule the constitution, then its just amateur work. Aende tu home.

Where’s the Attorney General in all this or the State Law office or whoever is supposed to interpret the law on behalf of the government and the people?
Did they appeal the ruling or as usual they yawned, let out a fart in their comfy offices and continued earning their fat salaries and allowances?

The last line in the third last paragraph amesema “Going by this decision therefore 10th of October shall be a public holiday”. Hizo zingine ni kelele tu.

We should go get down for Moi like this lady