moi day is back..

ati mliona when the first atom was created.[ATTACH=full]199069[/ATTACH]mliona when?

Vat inatusimbua hata mambo ya holidays tulisahau

Christmas, new years, Idd, Easter si national holidays? Ni nini basi

Jobless Kenyans out there celebrating about Moi day. Ati hurray matiangi amesema Moi day ni holiday. Nigga every day of the week issa holiday for u.

Let’s celebrate the holiday, Kenya is not a first world country, where one has to work day night seven days a week.

Did you read that press release? Ama hauelewi kimombo? Edit your heading.

In Europe, Germany for that matter the maximum hours one is allowed to work in a week is 35hrs. Do the math.

Can u do two jobs.

baba alisoma mbona nisome tena.

kwa hivyo hiyo mambo ya VAT mumemsamehe mukubwa?

Moi day doesn’t mean much for us hustlers it’s just another ordinary day

That’s true it hurts like the death of a beloved pet