Moi a teetoler ran down the economy, Ruto a teetoler seems he is a perfect student of moi both teetolers

Drunkards Kenyatta senior, kibaki whose favorite was whitecap and Uhuru na ma whiskey did much better on Kenyan economy and stability despite there own weaknesses but they were far much better than these two teetolers Moi and Ruto, they are sober because they are exposed to boring religious processions which does not match there Characters on matters corruption and malevolence.
Hiding behind religion and in reality these two are worse than walevis

I wish i was a teetotaler afadhari niharibu uchumi.

Thought I’d find facts and figures explaining your statement in depth. Hii ndio shida ya BArts degree.

Ouru nuked the economy. He followed covid shenanigans to the later, thence crippling the economy. He over borrowed dollar denominated loans. Launched expensive, incompetent CBC education…Na kadhalika.

We are clearly witnessing the aftermath of a 10 year shit show

Moi was a dog in my eyes. A stray dog, no pedigree. A mongrel.