Moi. A man who kept coup de tats away from Kenyan soil

In the 1980’s and 1990’s a lot of black men, women and children in Africa perished in wars.
I wish Africans can compile the total numbers one day. A rough estimate will amount to more than 7 million Africans dying because of civil wars. Somalia, Rwanda, Angola, DRC, South Sudan, Sierra Leone, Ivory coast, Nigeria, Uganda, Liberia etc had civil wars that saw many people die.
Millions of men women and children who would be alive today contributing to the building of Africa perished.
In Kenya we were very lucky. We had a tough leader who was always sober. Moi was a control freak and that helped keep Kenya peaceful. Peace trumps economic prosperity, yes?

The few tribal clashes that happened under Moi cannot be compared to the civil wars that were happening in other nations. Kenyans can’t begin to imagine the horrors Somalis, Sudanese and Rwandese people have gone through.
An excerpt below

An estimated 350,000 Somalis die of disease, starvation, or civil war. Images of famine and war are shown on American news networks. Feeling public pressure, U.S. President
George H.W. Bush orders emergency airlifts of food and supplies to Somalia.

Raila and William Ruto’s gangs killed Kikuyus in a Kiambaa church and Kenyans thought the world was ending. While that is still sad imagine the horrors of a whole subcounty getting wiped out like it happened in other nations. Uganda Bush War 1981 - 1986 saw the deaths of between 100,000 - 500,000 people. Sad


We will never forget what Ruto goons did to our people in Kiambaa church.

Over 8M have been killed in DRC since 1996

So your figure of 7M iko chini sana

Peace we experienced in Kenya was due to the fact that wake ya Ni waoga Sana

Mdomo Ni mingi

When kenya was known as the island of peace.

Moi was better than jubilee

Moi ruined the economy but at east kept the country united

Sometimes I felt he just being hated for just being Moi

Kibaki couldn’t unite the country but economically he did wonders

Hawa jubilee Ni kujigamba tuu

I think Kenya and Tanzania have done great as far as peaceful existence is concerned.
I suspect Kenya Uganda and Tanzania were level when it comes to their economies back in the late 1970’s but Uganda went through that major civil war in early to mid 1980’s and that made it lag behind the other 2.

there’s always people behind the curtains controlling shiet with interests within the country that can’t let a coup deter that

Ugandan problems were due to obote murderous regime

Coz alikuwa amesoma,he thought he could kill anyone opposed to him

Everything should be blamed on him

Moi was a dictator.