Mohammed Abduba Dida

…I like this guy. I like his thinking. I will vote for him. I hope one day he becomes our President


Pia mimi nitabetray Uthamakichieth. Niliamua kitambo kura yangu narushia mwalim Dida.


Do not treat your vote as if you’re picking a favourite candidate on a TV show. Go deeper.


kumbe sikuangi pekee yangu, round hi kheri nijue penye kura ilienda

“Eat only when you are hungry”. Kwani wengine wanakula wakati gani?

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Kwanza atafute 2k signatures in 24 counties alafu akuje apige kelele.

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Dry fry only when you have blue balls and climate change is almost irreversible!

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i have liked this guy since last elections…i will definetely vote for him. I wish i had a way of asking him how he would handle the messed Ministry of health and how he would overhaul it…

:):):slight_smile: Ako pale NT-fi.

My problem is that if he becomes the prisident he will definitely plant waria at every corner of every gavament department. I loathe warias
I like him and his ideologies but too bad, that’s what is taking my vote away from him

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…i know you are a jubilee sychophant and i also suspect unakuwanga one of the 36 bloggers but on Dida you can’t convince me otherwise

Will vote for Uthamaki to spite those who hate him, didn’t vote for him last time, I was a Kiawara fan, in those measly four years I have had two vehicles at my disposal that don’t need my AIE to service and fuel. Long live Uthamaki.

Hata mimi, our current political leaders cannot improve the lives of Kenyans because they are so out of touch with the life we are living.

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You have already told us twice that you’ll vote for Dida but not why. What you think about me is immaterial and cannot serve as justification for throwing away your vote.

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Dida means well, if he really believes in what he is saying. But then again, the reality is its a two horse race, and he sadly knows this. His hope is that one day, one day very soon Kenyans will realize their folly and stop voting on tribal lines and also stop rewarding corruption. This time is not 2017


…i know i may have thrown it 5 years ago, this year again but i hope one day in years to come, it will make a difference and send this guy to state house

I don’t even admire him. I just pity him.

I wish there was a parallel and less serious mock presidential election where wannabes, like me or Dida, could be allowed wajichoshe for the sake of entertainment. More like what is known as the paralympics!!!

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He has nothing of substance. What you feel for him is not admiration. It isn’t even respect, either! You, and most people, just sympathise with him and confuse that with respect! Can you imagine if it was Patrick Lumumba who is in Dida’s place?

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And after 5 years you have been too lazy to find out what the guy is about beyond comic relief, so you just chuck your vote again and ‘hope’.

Mwalimu yuko sawa but hawes chaguliwa.