Mohamed Amin, the new DCI
NE well represented

@Bingwa Scrotum finally gets appointed. You doubt its him? Remember when he was new, anyone crossing his lines he would trace him and you would never be heard on ktalk

Alshabaab take over of Kenya through DCI now complete. Sorry for you guys.

Na hawa waria have a way of getting on top in key strategic institutions.

Hapo Sawa, we want regional balance in these appointments

Minister for defence - woria.
DCI - Woria

Wakati Ya Ohuru:
Minister for defence - Joluo/Bukusu
DCI - Meru

Kwenda jinyonge bure kabisa. Who said Mlevi1’s choices are the standard reference point?

I think this is a brilliant move by WSR.
I can assure you Alshapap attacks will be very few.

Good, Wariah cops tend to be straighter than Bantus and nilotes one.
I hope the DCI will correct it’s trajectory

But Haji is withdrawing cases all over.

in your rush to sustain your prejudice you failed to see the cop bit, Brigadier Ali was exceptional

Truth be told, walalo na lunje cops huwa roho safi… they work their azz off bila matarajio ya hongo. Lakini ole wako ukikutana na Okuyu/ Njaruo or Omugusii cop, they will throw you to the wolves.

Ali was OK, not exceptional.

Kenya itanyooka sasa. Angalau dini na matendo yao hukemea haramu unlike hawa saliva drooling corrupt Kinotis wakiahidiwa donge nono.

You all saw what happened during IEBC presidential election result announcement, yule waria angekua Cherera, haki haingetendeka kamwe.

DCI,DPP and KDF wote ni wetu, now Ruto should appoint Gabow as the IG of police

Very few where?
Do you think non Muslims will be safer in mandera?

Majority of you have never lived in N.E Kenya
The day u will,ndio ntakua what Islam is all about

By the way, another Kenyan ,a man, amengolewa macho na figo in na hao watu hukemea haramu

He nearly killed all the young men in cendro mjamaa! Some had to take refuge in other provinces. Have you forgotten?


Anafanya pwana