Moha Jicho Pevu Ndani ya Jubilee

I think he wants the best for the Nyali electorate.

They don’t defect immediately though. They first lay the groundwork.
Hassan Omar good example.
Defection is a process not an event.

I would like to believe this. Politics is such a dirty game. Nyali is one of the best places to live in Kenya.

mbona hoho hakuja na ouru was in his county

I agree. Some of these people jubilee are acquiring are pure trouble

Yep. We have been doing just vvvvvv fine without them:(:(:(:(Hope you been well girlie as we head to the next round.

Yaani huyu mtoi amekalia hio kiti mbele ya Raila.[ATTACH=full]131191[/ATTACH]


Alijulishwa hajui kitambo. No more trying to backstage Simba 1.

Actually, BABA joined Uhuru. Uhuru was already leader of opposition while BABA na KIBAKI ascended to power.

Pwegegegegeggegegegegegege I love how some Jubilee followers think that they have any clout on their parties. Your ONLY objective is casting your vote, hii maneno ingine ya I don’t like so and so ni kiherehere mko nayo. Even if Raila were to defect to Jubilee Uhuru would welcome him, these guys know each other at a personal level, wewe na io kura yako moja, nyamaza ungojee kupangwa and shout RWNBPE every time :D:D

The same works the other way round. But Jubilee supporters are proud of their party with limits.
Nasa supporters are willing to be teargassed, shot at, ran over by cars etc… yet their only objective should be casing their votes. Ata Raila hawajui.

Upusss hata Joho ni Gavana wa mombasa sijawai ona ameenda ku catwalk statehouse kama hii jinga


uwess makende una catch mafeelings:D