Moha Ametumalizia Hiyo Ghasia



You must have a crippling mental ability if you find moha’s rant noteworthy

Crap cliche arguments. You hear these arguments everyday. He stated nothing new, but merely regurgitated high school arguments.


Lol Babu is fighting the urge to respond with nonsense

Of the two, heri huyo shabab kushinda hio ghasia jaluo

Moha is a biatch azz… if i could change my vote, i would to his constituency just to vote his sellout hairy butt out.

:D:D:D i love the silly season…everyone becomes one

Hiyo gaidi ya kayole imalizawe kabisa. he ought to be at kamiti serving 20 hard ones.

Tru dat:D:D

mbona hao waisilamu kwa studio wamevaa ma dress ?