MoH Ordered To Apologize To Siaya Family For Burying Kin Like A Dog At 2AM

The fear of COVID19 being peddled around the world is overwhelming. A COVID19 victim was hurriedly burried in Siaya late in the night. His body was tossed into the grave like a log.

Hata kama ni Corona, accord the family and the deceased some form of dignity.

Nongoja conspiracy theorists take on this…

I saw the clip and i was like damn!!
i understand thats how they are supposed to be disposed though in plastic bags.
thats one body here, you can imagine whats happening in other countries
problem is our media …filming everything, no respect,
you dont see dead bodies being stockpiled in italy, usa or china zikienda kuchomwa,
atleast they respect the dead, they will bring you videos of the sick in icu or
bodies being taken to the morgue but after that its a family/ government issue
heshima, something not common with bonobos

I was appalled the way citizen TV kept replaying the clip of the body being dumped into the grave.
Disgusting as it was, that wasn’t very professional.
It traumatized lots who can’t stand dead bodies.

Why necessarily to covid victims need to be buried in plastic bags and quickly? Like is a corpse equally contagious since as per my understanding covid is spread through cough droplets?

Our media is githeri media.
Presenters ask stupid questions.

In some cases the virus has been found to be active for up to 27 days after it kills the infected. That’s why many countries are opting for speedy burials/cremation.

Ok then that makes sense.

Ordered by who?

Even dogs get a decent burial compared to the way the body was treated in that video doing the rounds. Haki ya ngai, all hell would have broken loose on those MoH personnel if they had sneaked into my home at 2 am and treated a relative’s body like they did to this KPA employee.

Konyagi has no respect for Luos

Hakuna kitu ungefanya

I doubt that Konyagi has anything to do with this purely local issue. Konyagi, by the way, has a fairly soft spot for Nyanza.