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From Silas Gisiora Nyanchwani>>

The other day I sat down with members of my community and asked them who has a chance of becoming the next governor of Kisii County? They suggested Jimmy Angwenyi.

I was like ‘what the hell? You guys are kidding me’.
In 2022 Jimmy will be at least 90 years old and Kisii has moved too far to the left to listen to someone who has been pro-government in the 60 years he has been in politics.

But my bigger worry was that Jimmy is from Kitutu Chache, my constituency, where Ongwae comes from. In fact Jimmy comes from the same place as Ongwae and I gather they could be related. So, I thought naturally, the governorsip had to go to another “House”, Bobasi being the next logical choice.

“But we have the numbers, and we don’t have to rotate the whole thing, don’t be naive,” one of the guys told me.

Yaani, I was so done with the guys. The notiom of tyranny of numbers llays a big role in Kisii and peoe from larger clans usually have a higher chance of winning.

Meaning smaller clans can only win when they have a really exceptional candidate.

What I am saying, when you think tribalism is a problem, in some places clannism is just as toxic.

Pengine alipigwa risasi kwa demonstrations

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