Modern women and infidelity

There is a new school of thought among modern women that I have been observing keenly, lately.

Any time there talk in town about female infidelity, they make highly sarcastic remarks about the situation. Typically, they use the lines that society uses to encourage women to stay with a man who cheats.

As an educated man, I know where they are coming from.
They say, if a man can cheat, a woman should cheat too. Fair enough.

Actually there women who secretly revenge on their cheating husbands. And some who cheat with no fear of consequences, whatsoever.

A university degree and some corporate job, and a few Hollywood movies have given women the illusion of equality. But we are not equal. It is still a man’s world and will be for long time.

I don’t approve of cheating at all. But I am a realist.

If a man who is 38 catches his wife who is 34 cheating, he can leave, and a few months down the line, meet a stunning 24 year-old and start life with her. But a 34-year mother of three has limited options. The pool of men available to her for marriage, sex or even dating is hardly her dream choice. It is either a matatu conductor, some gym instructor or a very old man or a misguided young gigolo, out to chop her alimony. Hardly will she meet a hotshot 34 year-old man willing to settle her.

A woman’s biggest possesion is her age. And man, his money. That is why women never disclose their age and men lie about their material possesions. That is why the older a woman grows, the more she will spend on make-up, so as to be desirable to the best men there are.

It is easy to dismiss this as patriachal bullshit but it is the way things are.

Cheating hurts both men and women, and I have just read a Yukio Mishima short story, Death in Midsummer and there is a line there, ‚ÄúMen in all their fickleness are more sentimental than women‚ÄĚ. Tony Parsons wrote in GQ a while ago that even men who are players hate being played.

And it is up to women to tell us how hurtful cheating is to them. But for men, a woman cheating on you is the worst indictment of your manhood. That is why some kill, others rarely forgive or forget.

This things are biological and evolutionary. Biologically again each sex has it‚Äôs limitations. Sleeping around for women is riskier than men, that you know. But this is not a justification for men to cheat or sleep around. Maybe lately some men do get carried away by their mistresses, but for the longest time men could cheat and still ‚Äėlove‚Äô the wife. Or at least provide. But quite too often, when a married woman starts to cheat, it is over. Soon or later she gets carried by emotions, because the other man, may be buys gifts or lay the pipe better. I do know of women who do it purely at a physical level, but they are an exception, not rule.

There is no sex that is more evil than the other. Men have kept secret families that surface when he does suddenly and the other families has to come out of woodworks to demand their fair share of the estate. Women too can have you raise a child who is not yours and you will never know.

But bottom line, if you are a married woman, considering cheating, way on the consequences. Society will side with the man, including 90 percent of your female relatives. If a man cheats, the same people who will condemn you, will ask you to stay for the sake of children…and Family.

Lastly, women who are caught cheating and the husband happens to be the less forgiving type, and if he is powerful, they take custody of children. You don’t want to be a mother who is only allowed to see her children once a month.

These things happen. You can choose to live with the illusion that we are an equal society, but be in the wrong end of infidelity and you can see how fast your world can tumble.

I didn’t make the rules.


If your wife whom you have kids with cheated on you, you get mad leverage as a man, especially if she had started growing horns.


My brother, if i were you i would drop this dangerous obsession…dont worry too much about women and their whoring…they wont stop.
Let me give you a real life story.
My childhood friend, now a village junkie, was a genius and topped our class in kcse…he scored A plain when kibaki was just becoming president. He then went to jkuat and became an engineer. Then he fell in love…you see, unlike us, he finished school first before discovering girls. Unfortunately he fell for a girl with more experience than him…she was a kunguru…but he really loved her…his life centred around this girl…she was his everything…he would laugh at me whenever he saw me with a different girl every week.
Then shit happened…he accessed her phone and found videos of her riding some other nigga. Dude lost it…that night he slept in a pub…come monday and he was still at the pub…and that was the beginning of the end for the dude. We tried to reason with him but that 1min video had damaged him…it had completely turned his world upside down…he used to think that the world was perfect…atleast his world…he used to think that his girl was perfect. To him, some of us were mikora for not respecting our girlfri3nds…and for not loving properly…ooh, and for not dating proper women.
As we speak the dude is in the village with his mother…he was put in rehab for some duration…alafu the family had to spent a fortune on his shrink…
Mimi and my friends also stepped in and got him some gig at a government parastatal… i think i even brought that hekaya here…but he couldnt last on that job…dude was still nursing a heartbreak! . Yaani he fucked up his life because of a woman!!! A woman who had by then moved on.
What am trying to say is that live your life as if no one else matters. Get a girl yes, but dont ever make her the centre of your universe. Let her know that you are that asshole who moves on so swiftly if she dare misbehaves…importantly, dont worry too much about what women do with their pussy…you dont own them…and if i were you i would completely keep off romantic relationships because you seem like the type who would commit suicide if you found out your woman was being chewed by another nigga…or worse you end up killing the nigga…hawa wanawake tuwachie sisi…nyinyi endeni SJ, lipa na urudi home without any attachments.


Imenikumbusha a story of my pal who was hell bent on settling with a single mother 29 he’s 27, aliniona spinning plates and would make cheeky comments about me not settling, kilimramba he was just being used for his money, his first salary iliishia kwake.

Now his second friend a guy 26, spent millions on the gf, he does remote, the gf was given a job by him which he does himself she gets 240k a month, she got an IPhone 14 but jamaa anawachwa kika wakati.

I think Rational Male is a book every man should read.


Hii post yako sounds like excerpt story ya jaba.


Let women get service when they need to. My experience, I have never had emotional attachment with my women…even the baby mama. Open relationship saves. Akulwe tu, time yangu pia nakula. Focus on building yourself.


I wish ingekuwa jaba, i haven’t even listed everything, nikipatana naye Friday mwili imeisha last time i heard of him, he was going out drinking alone kupunguza stress.


Hamchoki kudiscuss wanawake kila siku
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Wanaume mnakapitia…anyways good luck guys . One rule i use is to never love a woman more than she loves you. Itatii…let her be the one seeking your attention not the other way. Ukishajuq hii rule utatoboa hii game



What thafuck with the long compositions and essays. WHO cares? Sijasoma


Very true.Never get too attached to anything.Nilikosana na wife aka move from the bedroom before eventually moving out.Madhangu akaniuliza bibi na mtoto wanaendeleaje.Nikamshow wako poa but bibi alihama na mtoi.Madha akanijibu dont worry my son.Keep safe and focus on building yourself.Mtoto wako atakutafta siku moja.Was very shocked hearing this from madha.


Usijali. Na isikusumbue sana akili. Venye uliambiwa, just focus. Jijenge ishi kama sultani angalau unajua ukona mtoi mahali na atabaki tu kuwa wako. Lazima tu atakutafuta.

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Here’s someone who has lived in the real world. Best Lesson Ever in this joint.

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Ilikua inaniwasha maze nikafika kalabash nika dry fry kunguru flani vibaya sana banae


Wueh, hio ni dangerous. jaribu kutuliza mawazo. Itakuwa tricky for sometime but usikimbilie action ya kutoa stress, pambana nayo ukiwa sober, itakuchukuwa a few days to overcome but the moment unakimbilia mvinyo ama dem mwingine, utajifunga, utategemea those two to feel better. na hutajitoa. Jitulize solo.


Mwanamke ni zimwi litakudish hadi likumalize.


Your post doesn’t make sense

Hizi hekaya ndio zinafanya boy wa putin asi ingie planteshen.


Wewe relax hivo, nasaka kitu swafi mta rhyme. Planteshen lazima uingie hakuna vile unaeza kuja kwa hii dunia, uzurure alafu uvuke boda ukiwa mzee bila kujaza dunia. Ulisema unadai kitu ikona specs gani hivi? ka light skin, kitu nyeusi, ka chokileti, GBs ngapi ivi, type ya rexx ama kitu konde ivi. bibi lazima ujishindie