Modern Moms:Hamisa Mwabotes mom

Ayayayah!!! Karibu nizirai. Ladies Jameni let’s respect ourselves. Tuna laumu wanaume for not respecting women but we should also respect ourselves. No wonder watoto wanasheza uchi wa mnyama kwa TV ati Vitamin U. Hawana haya hata kidogo. The apple does not fall far from the tree.

Siwezi mind kulipa 3k. Ama ye ndo ananilipa??

Na hawa je?

its a cultural thing in sioni shida yako. kwa starehe zao

Who da fuck is Hamisa mabote? Truman let people shake waht their mama gave them

You dont know how I was watching that clip like wah mama please dont go any further , it was torture to watch. These are the grandmothers . Not even mothers . Then we wonder whats wrong with our society.

One of Diamond’s Baby Mommas

Africans have been shaking their assess since eternity. And, dancing styles that entail women twisting their waists and shaking their asses have always been part of the coastal cultures both in Kenya and Tz. Ile kitu inakusumbua ni upumbavu…

Pumbavu ni mamako who could not raise you to have better sense in that head. An African woman should respect herself and especially when she has children who are looking up to her. This is very wrong even in Muslim world which I believe she is one.

First of all wearing indecent clothes then dancing mannerlessly in front of your childrens age mates. Africans sio Malaya don’t insult our race it’s the most dignified.