Modern green


Chieth za rexx

Once a year I pass by there to drink a tusker and learn one or two things. Mambo ya malaya hapana. One time I was there and I saw my shag MCA come in, he was instantly hugged by three flesh peddlers and disappeared to the hallway by the bathrooms. He does not know me. Never assume that nobody knows you anywhere

Hii ni ya modern kweli

Yeap… Modern green from yonder days… Nilidinya hii ikianza kabila ikuwe land whale … kitu 2012 think.

si katikati ya miguu ni dark as hell and smelly?

Hui ni mguu:oops:


Yeah Ni ya modern green …fucked it early this year, so watery

Siwezi lipa more than 150[ATTACH=full]377101[/ATTACH]

Nitaisaka not bad

Anakaa mtamu

Always see her pale near former simmers…


Modern green closed about 6 years ago

Get back to planet earth!!!

Uzee imekulemea


Wewe umetoka gishagi juzi get a life

@jackyie , @digi , @Onyikadinya
The original modern green that had never had its doors closed since the 60s was closed about six years ago.

The one there now is new and is two doors away from the old one that was a former Indian funeral home in the 50s.

Wacha nikae kando. Mimi sikujua hii maneno.