Modern Day Lynching :15 yo black boy Quan Charles beaten and burned by his white friend and his mother who are now on the run

@Simiyu22 here is the story. The cops issued statements of drowning and even let this white trash go after interrogation as last seen with this boy. It’s only after protests that a 2nd post mortem was done and it was established that the boy was beaten and burned then dumped in a swamp.

This also happened in Louisiana

I am watching this one closely. The family sanctioned a second autopsy which supported the official (first) autopsy results of Death by Drowning. Also the 2nd autopsy found no post Mortem Trauma or Natural disease. So not sure where the burning theory is coming from. Most likely from pictures. Toxicology results in 6-8 weeks. So that will shed more light.

Even if the scientific reason that Quawan’s heart stopped beating is drowning, all it does is lead to more questions," said Chase Trichell, one of the attorneys representing the family.
2nd autopsy here:

Those white people that picked him up are suspect though. Apparently the lady has several arrests.

After picking him it appears that they gave him mushrooms to get high and someone found him wandering while high. Perhaps he was still alive when they threw him into the lake. They are guilty and that’s why they are hiding. They were seen in LA all the way from Louisiana. Anyway FBI will find them.