Modern Dating

This is so complicated.

I’m not an empty seat, punch me I bleed. I’ve been reading poetry

I prefer sleeping with multiple people, not dating them

The way its hard to even date ONE person how do you juggle 20 something people? This world iko na mambo. Open relationship? What on earth?

Watu wa multiple partners wataeneza Corona.Corona haitambui condomu Bana

Condom ama mtu tuu akohoe ama a sneeze Karibu na wewe?

It is important to distinguish (& apportion attention & resources as due) between good ol’ fashioned sex and dating…for coronavirus, you get a live-in date as much as possible. If she gets pregnant & doesn’t want to chuck it, sawa, ‘see you in courts, & even then not before DNA verification of paternity, na sitoroki, lakini sikujui na sikutambui pia, enda uendako’. If not, go catch COVID19 from hoz & sheet…or get a decent fwb(if there’s such a thing).
Dating is somewhat a notch higher than plain screw nutt bolt. Eff this sheet…

Just another way to say i wanna fuck as many men as i can while having a fallback at hand(that man she says is open).Truth is what steve says,is she what he wants…truth is,men will keep chewing u as they seek a young damsel for them alone,not to be shared.

From what I have observed there very few women in committed relationships who are exclusive with their husbands or live in bfs. Married women are the most promiscuous segment of the population. It’s like once they get married now they have a license to cheat without the bad names a single woman would get if she was promiscuous. This people have alot of sexual partners. ALOT. So you continue telling yourself that you are not sharing. You are not just sharing you are crowd sourcing. Afadhali hata the one who is open to tell you, you are sharing like this one. In the office they call married women chewing gum. That’s how bad it is.

thats how my mind decoded the message.@TrumanCapote i want to share u…

I don’t want to share myself with anyone so go join the group of 20 something of the lady in the middle. She’s very generous. I am not.

Her name’s Shan Boodram, now Shan Brady coz she married that man. They talk more about their open relationship on her YT channel (Shanboody). Very interesting arrangement.