Moderm Movies/TV shows (Feminist + GAAY crusades

Why don’t we have movies where men are men and women are women?

I have notices that most modern movies have women superheros, eg Warrior nun, Black widow etc, or Male/gay superheros

What are the west trying to preach?

Kwanza the LGBTQI content, waaaaa. So sickening. I think the idea is to desensitise our conscience for sooo long, that these acts appear normal. Then more people will come out of the closet and live out here.

Same way we are desensitised with the bloody and violent movies, we actually crave for more. The more violent, the better.

Kwanza Sex Education on Netflix. Gaay galore.

Manze, kwanza neflix with LGBT content buaana.

That’s it. The idea is to normalize these things. I watched the Lucifer finale and they had an entire episode about drag queens. It wasn’t necessary for the plot exposition at all but they just had to squeeze it in there before the show ended. In the previous season they had a whole episode on furries. Literally people who dress up as animals and have sex. Again not central to the plot at all but somebody forced it in for some reason. At this point it’s unavoidable. The agenda is being pushed everywhere, even children’s cartoons.

There is this british series called ‘I may destroy you’ was watching it. Once it started to get interesting bam GAY GALORE. Discarded that shit to the nearest dust bin. Kwanza Netflix is notorius for this gay galore.

Hadi the famous Maney Heist buana.

The end of the world is near

What do you mean by near?

Once the world is filled with gàys, the wrath of God will pour and finish the world

Not really, once everyone will be doing it, it won’t be so attractive anymore.

Reason why movies za place zingine zinavuma.

the only modern series I have watched to the end without the gay shit is “SUITS”

I loved to watch series ya good doctor but Saw it’s full of gayyy shiet…leteni recommendations za movies with clean content

geehs took over writers guild through blackmail. make fun of homos, tranies or write content that does not represent them, you get cancelled…marvel, disney, the comic book industry are all compromised…

you are getting content from fem niggas… so expect geh geh geh

south Korea… hollywood is all gay now

Thats why they decided to make Netflix free of charge. You should be wary. I was told by some kwa nini sina app ya Netflix. I told them i will not be allowed to be indoctrinated with LGBTQchieth.
Movie saa hii ni za wachinku. Hollywood naona za 2005 hadi 1895.

Jeez. What happened to hollywood?

Movies like blade, gladiator, saving private ryan, scarface?

I’ve also noticed that…kuna series naicheki the oval…kuna places zingine unashindwa niaje…ghaseer zina promote homosexuality buana…very disgusting.

Mnataka wakule nini?