Good work moderators. For the first time I see you delete comments that sound offensive. You still can do better
@Old Monk @Purple @Mundu Mulosi Bs Ms Ma PhD and ScD @TanzaLand @Electronics4u

Who the faaak is tanzaland

Sijawai msikia pia

@TanzaLand ni umbwa digi takataka

Apana tukana mwingine

Labda ni wa nahuko jamii forums

@Trojanex si ndio ule maliar ameblock 98.3% of talkers? Huyu najua huwa anapata 3 new threads per week.

You miss the whole point of blocking. One blocks those that he/she does not want to read. Same as going to a library to pick books. Are you going to pick books on subjects you don’t wanna read? naah.
Also, better to read 3 threads of value to you than 1 million useless ones and especially by trolls full of unwarranted matusi.

Ukona umama

Mrs Finest Wine hope ujaniblock

Your other handles are blocked. Hii apana. I skip most of your posts on women matters.:D. Sana sana mi hublock wenye matusi towards me.

Niliona ume block kila mtu,why am I not in you Siberia?
Do you admire me?

@TanzaLand jitokeze uji introduce.

wewe ghaseer usinitajetaje ovyo. mbwa wewe

tomba huyo homosexual muzee @Trojanex

Uweskuma hujawai mea akili ata na hio upara yote

Tuambiwe huyu ni nani?
Sijawahi muona staffroom wadau.

I know it’s there. But there are pple who rarely talk rough but once in a while they vomit. Again one will feel more disciplined when their comments are deleted


Seriously? What do you do?

Ama uko kama wale govt officials wana hang koti kwa kiti and they think they have done a whole day’s work.

Bure kabisa!