Modem Disconnection

My modem keeps disconnecting after 20min…It’s an Airtel modem that I cracked and am using a Safaricom Sim. how do I stop it from disconnecting now and then

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Simple hack to make your modem
reconnect automatically.

  1. Go to my computer> drive c: > program files
    (x86) > safaricom broadband
  2. locate a file named syssettings.xml and open
    it with notepad
  3. press CTRL+F and search for , then
    just below it change 0 to
    and then 3 to 99</
  4. scroll down a bit till u see and just below it change 0
    to 1
  5. Click on file and save. Close notepad. Close
    and start the modem software, if you did
    everything right, it should now
    connect automatically.

Tha ks will check but natumia modem ya Airtel

use ciDial

ita autoreconnect

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then kwa network connected utaenda
properties – options
tick prompt phone number
redail attempt 0
time between 1sec
idle time before hangup never

tick redail if line is dropped

sema ok

remember to run ciDial after this

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I think i know what you are trying to do, he he :D:D:D

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