Mobutu slept with the wives of his collaborators, to weaken them!

You can go straight to 18mins: 01 secs… By the way, how often is this wicked methods utilized by dictators even today?

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Augustus slept with his friend’s wives to get information

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I believe it still happens, wife gets a big promotion and transfer to weaken the man, after testing power she is asked to onjesha or lose the privilege

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Stupid move. Those men can band together and shaft you vibaya sana. Not complaining though.

That is, if, your power is not absolute… and there are no men in line behind your cuckold ready to snitch and take his place of ‘priviledge’… small price to pay for those cuckolds hahaha!..

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Hii kitu iko, rumor has it, there are current and former governors hii ndio ilikuwa mtindo… ata wewe ilikuwa ukitaka kuona mukubwa unabebana na kunguru safi…

Mobutu had both a very sweet tongue and a very fat wallet

Irresistable to all the Slay Queens , Bimbos and Gold Diggers who hang around corridors of Power

Former Devolution CS Anne Waiguru has said her relationship with the President was normal and that there was nothing wrong with it.


Waiguru decried the stereotyping of women saying her association with President Uhuru Kenyatta was much like any other cabinet secretary’s.

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…“…How is it that a woman cannot be intelligent , young and maybe slightly attractive and not have any relations with anyone…??” She posed.:blush:


So to you Waiguru is young and attractive? OMG!


You seem challenged COMPREHENDING the English language …
Clearly , her words …
NOT mine … :blush:


Either I fire your husband or unipatie mkia

Why would I want @ChifuMbitika s left overs.


What is a man, and how long does one live? Such things are actually done by privileged fools. If Mobutu had known the end awaiting him he would have been far less arrogant, less wasteful of his time and Zaire’s wealth while in office, and less cruel. Sijui kuku mugbendu wa zabanga chieth. Where is he now?


Obasanjo slept wife daughter in law next

The Circle of Life
A visionless Army Captain who rose to power in a military coup and thereafter preyed on his own people.

DRC has far more resources than it population of 102 million citizens will ever need.
But instead that fool lived the lifestyle of an European Emperor ( mainly in Switzerland and Belgium ) and surrounded himself with thieves , killers and choir boys.

He died lonely and depressed in exile surrounded only by his vast wealth and a few aides of Prostrate Cancer ( …a condition easily manageable with his vast wealth…)

Today , the DRC is the most exploited single country on this planet.

Western Nations , the Chinese and even some neighbors have taken full advantage of the chaos to plunder that Nation further.

It is going to take a very tough , no nonsense , visionary , nationalist , accountable , servant leaders of integrity several decades to fix that mess.

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And it is not a task for Shareholding , Wheelbarrow , Bottom Up , Hustler Conmen accompanied by their Cronies , First Daughters , Mistresses , Bimbo’s and Errand Boys

Bure Kabisa …!!:rage:


For sure ako much better than vitu kipii anakula huku mkiwa na yeye

To be a dictator it is a requirement to dick-think