Mobius Motors is still breathing. Orders 150,000 wheels (5yrs) from Indian manufacturer SSWL

[SIZE=6]Steel Strips Wheels secures export order from Mobius Motors[/SIZE]

Steel Strips Wheels (SSWL) has bagged its maiden export order from Mobius Motors, Kenya. Supplies would be executed from SSWL’s Dappar plant in Punjab. This order will include development of a 16’ Ground wheel and marks SSWL’s entry into East Africa. Total project volume would be around 150,000 wheels spread over 5 years generating cumulative revenue of about $2.4 million.

SSWL, who is already supplying wheels to Morocco and Egypt, aims to further increase its presence in the African continent. Recent order from Kenya supports this strategy.

SSWL is a part of the Steel Strips Group, headquartered in Chandigarh. It is engaged in the manufacturing of single piece steel wheel rims in the range of 10 to 30 inches for scooters, passenger cars, utility vehicles and tractors.


They said we go east:mad::mad:

Hizo tyres si wangenunua hapo Sameer Africa. Nipewe kazi ya ku deliver to their showroom hapo sameer business park


That Mobius Car is pure steel so I’m not surprised they ordered Steel strip wheels. The electronics n wiring comes with 10 years warranty because its been fused into one simple strap. Yaani this car was built to last 50 years before you can consider it junk.

why did they make it so ugly then??

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Me thought they’re rims.


Hii ni makurundumu sio tairi.

Mkamba Sameer wanaunda rim?

Very fugly car

Why are people so stuck on this “its ugly” issue ? This is a work horse type of vehicle. A new car for Sh1M should not be judged on its looks.


Hehe. Kwani gari itaenda na rims pekee

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mkamba na ‘tairi’ huendanisha hivi


Exactly. it is more practical than that Mercedes S500 the mbirioneyas here drive.

nunua hii mobius.
hapo kwa 7 seater unaeza weka bench kama zile za kidero

I like its rugged look, its a salon, station wagon and pick up in one. Its high clearance allows you to travel anywhere.

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If government departments and county governments could commit themselves to purchasing this vehicle, it would be a big boost to the manufacturing sector


If they buy directly from the manufacturer in bulk it becomes even cheaper but sasa pesa ya campaign, matumizi na sponsoree itatoka wapi. Remember Kandie wanted to give the police chopper order to a bidding local company for 1.2 billion instead of buying directly from Agusta for 800 million.

Yaani ni kubwa hivyo?

Its like Nissan-Datsun 1 tonne pickup of the 90’s only stronger and better designed.