Mobius ll sold out

Surprisingly mobious ll has been sold out, I hope the upcoming mobius lll will have a better design


I have only seen one of these things. Sikuona ikikaa mbaya. I think it is the right design for such a utility vehicle.


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Functionality wise hiko sawa

Recently saw one in ruiru bn used to supply breads to shops… On second thought it’s not a bad attempt.

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Hawa watu job section yao bwana. . . . Ni kama rhey target Havard guys

Si kwa ubaya lakini siezi buy hio mkebe


Kwa mlima zinashindwa kupanda…

Kuna mpaka hiki kipikipiki kiko na mguu double nyuma na kina vuruga mtaani

If these guys throw in a transfer case and four wheel drive Mobius will go places for real.