Mobile phones spares import source

Hello, I have a question regarding some business am interested in starting, “importing mobile phones spares” heard from someone that Kenyan dealers are buying from Dubai, but doing some quick check online, Alibaba has very many suppliers, some are also big factories.

Who knows why current sourcing is from Dubai ?

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Dubai stuff comes from China or some Pakistani cottage industries.

Look at China, it’s the ultimate source. Dubai serves West African market comfortably due to distance, for us, China is the nest place to get products.


Agwas atakusaidia sana @AgwamboBaba001 pitia hapa


Quality and quantity issues.
Although Dubai sellers also source from china, they are able to dictate better quality from the factories.
Sourcing direct from china exposes you to questionable quality especially if you are a one off client.


Dama wa Dama mobile spares gets them from Shina…you want her number?



could the Dubai guys be sourcing from other places like Taiwan or South Korea

Supply chains from china are very complex especially when it involves common brands like Huawei, Apple products, these may be manufacturing parts in China but not selling from Alibaba… they may be having other distributors in other countries like Dubai

io biashara sio rahisi kupenya kama beginner, unafaa uwe kwa io industry ugrow pole pole before ukuwe importer.

umepewa information wrong baba. ao huchukua stock kutoka Dubai ni kina nani, sababu major players tunawajua, na wao huendea China