Mobile Money Transactions Under "Sieke"

The taxman has moved to deepen tax collection by tapping information on mobile phone money transactions to assess compliance in filing returns.

This is part of a raft of measures in KRA’s tax-base expansion strategy meant to use ICT to mine data from various sources.

Speaking yesterday during the launch of the 2018 taxpayer’s month, KRA Commissioner General John Njiraini said the law provides for KRA to access such information from banks and institutions.

…Mobile Money will be processed in conjunction with Kenya’s six mobile money service providers - MPESA, Airtel Money, Equitel, Mobi-Kash, Mobile Pay and T-Kash.

Through this initiative, KRA expects to net an extra 500,000 taxpayers and raise KES 60 billion.

Other databases targeted include regulatory and professional bodies, county and national government suppliers, hospital service providers and landlords.


Kulipa ushuru ni kujitegemea

wah,hapa wataweza hadi matress bankers association

Umesema tuna katwa ngapi

I don’t think safcom will open up their db to kra to run queries as they wish, I think the idea was for kra to request an individual’s financial records without having to get a court order, which was very expensive on their part, the same goes to bank accounts.

Tutapepa pesa na pag kama hustler !

Getting scary IRS style, I bet they will come knocking on doors next.

Nowhere to hide! sio multibets, fuel, stima, sembe, mobile money transactions gatheca continues to DFBLHKM us kila siku.

Funny thing is that yeye ako frontline akiomba omba pesa. Like the latest one ya England na Prince Charles ati ’ Ongeza 1 trillion ya kutoa’ , wueh we are totally ferked! No one is safe hata wale wa kujiandika.



Sande sana. :D:D:D:D:D