Mobile app development

Started diving into mobile app development career…any suggestions please?

I’ve always dreamt of being a full stack developer anyway good for you , I’m still learning to code

@Wanaruona Dykaan College ya Mwiki, wanaesa kua na computer Packages? Anyway @Francode UDEMY is an amazing place to start, some free courses, and premium ones are worth it

Maybe start by looking at the mobile app development technologies such as Kotlin (for android), Firebase or React Native which is cross platform across Android or iOS. Good introduction to data structures in this case you can learn this using JAVA or Kotlin.

Some documentation to guide you is available from the Kotlin website, and also official android documentation :

I guess that Python is now growing faster in usage than Java… because of ease of use and the explosion of AI/ ML and Data Science Applications… Although applications developed Java are faster than those developed in Python, all factors constant… And that Python can also be used to develop Android applications too… Where can one learn UX/ UI for applications?

You can check out

Try flutter.

Thanks all

Learn your basics very well and complexity is the root of all evil.

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