Mo Farah fails to qualify for Olympics

Father-time catching up.

The four-time Olympic champion missed the qualifying time in an invitational 10,000 at the British athletics championships in Manchester.

Farah needed to go under 27 minutes, 28 seconds to earn his place on the plane to Tokyo ahead of Sunday’s deadline, but he clocked 27 minutes, 47.04 seconds, and will not defend the 10,000 title he won in 2012 and 2016.

“You go out there and give it all and that’s all you have,” he said. "It’s quite windy. I tried to push and push and I ran my lungs out.

“I’ve had a wonderful career. I’m very grateful. That’s all I had today. It’s a tough one. I’ve always said if I can’t compete with the best, I’m not going to be in a final. Tonight wasn’t good enough.”

The invitational race was hastily arranged after Farah failed to qualify during the 10,000 trials in Birmingham this month.

sometime back was accused of using performance enhancing drugs? zinawezakua zimechangia? anyway props to him as a 4 time Olympic medalist sio mchezo; maybe time to hang up em running sneakers !

Uzee imeingia.

Somalis cheat alot to get ahead in life. It’s very hard to find a Somali who is clean and fair. They are always scheming even against each other.

Hio wariah irudi Moqdisho

that somali coackroach was a fraud popping pills steroids but now the rules are tight.

Even @Bingwa Scrotum probably got a C- but his father bribed Kalonzo and the boy was given an A-. These things have been known to happen.

Mans is almost 40 years. Time to retire

He has earned his stripes. He lives in luxury and will never be poor. Unless of course he attempts ‘divorcing her’.
All sports men/women must fade away with the years.

He hit his peak in his late twenties to early thirties, there are some question marks.

He will now transition to marathon.

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