It all started by constant complaining by my girlfriend after sex am not satisfying her.Juzi i was shocked by her demand i buy her a dildo from online shops
I bought the sex toy for her and leo asubuhi she texted me anihitaji tena.It’s over she said
Mnisaidie guys

huna password ya punyaste


Ulinunua dildo kubwa kushinda msedes yako?
Pole kaka, tembeza kubwa kubwa na mwambie akurudishie hio dildo.

you have a small dick and your game iko chini…she prefers doing herself.

seems like she has many issues to handle, putting up with bad sex had to get outta her list.

Tupee namba yake

All of you are just going to take the story at face value?

What’s stopping you from giving your angle??

sounds like a troll

Tafuta size yako

anakudharau sana.mtu anakutaka hasemangi direct…sisi jembe ikiwa blunt unaonanga tu diet imebadilishwa…mboga za kienyeji zinaanza kupikwa frequently,njugu ya kukima,tumayai asubuhi,ugali ya kusiaga and eventually inarudi fomu

The dildo is not the issue, she is getting a good dick in the right doses elsewhere, wewe na toothpick yako jipe shughuli

first of all that mofo highly disrespects you to an extent of COMMANDING YOU to buy the damn sex toy.two, she knows you have a scarcity mindset na anajua come what may huwezi muacha…just drop her like hot charcoal…you owe no one a giant msedes…these women are just time and resources thieves and dream killers…

Ono omussaja tamanyi okuzina…kuna talker hapa aliambiwa hivyo kwa boarder ya UG…i think the same applies to you…

Admin unasumbua

Itabidi umengoja hadi Samantha akue a reality so that you can pull off the same thing :smiley:

Come to think of it, waschana wanaeza kua na competition mingi sana.

Kama anafanywa ivi na real tits holder sa si kwa samantha atamelectrocute?

Give me her number and after a day, I’ll tell what the issue is.

Which online Sex Toy shop did you use? Help a fellow villager :wink:

Do you really need a toy?