Anybody who has been in a relationship for the past 3 years, please naomba
past papers

3yrs!!! kam na meli ubebe

Only tissue paper

Halafu? Heheheee…

Ukutane na dem utatumia past paper ya mwenzako aje?

Kuna NVs naona siku hizi wamekuja na mambwebwe, ama ni elders chini ya kiwuo ?

am afraid, i don’t keep notes that long. I dissolve all in whiskey every few weeks, there is not enough space in the house to keep even six months notes, let alone 3 years.

That man should shave his armpits .
Good morning Love.

Good morning

Admin bwana, weka nonsense filter kwa kijiji otherwise the face of this village is deteriorating on daily basis!