Mnataka nifanye nini?

Uhuru confessed he is powerless when it comes to punishing the corrupt, he claims the law is protecting the thieves of public funds but.But when it comes to punishing miguna miguna the law has not held him back, his rights have been tramped on the ground. How comes no thief has been kicked around like that???

Politicians are all about protecting their own personal interests. Lets open our eyes.

So what law was not followed in the Miguna saga ?

So when miguna refuses to follow simple instructions of producing his identification documents at the airport what do you expect?

There are court orders to allow him entry, he has a kenyan Id and he is a citizen by birth.If the court order cannot be followed then we have no country.
Nations are held together by law not by rulers.

Have you been following his story?

His house is broken into, arrested and kept for more than 24hrs without being taken to court, detained again and they refuse to produce him in court…when they are not able to hold him anymore they deport him…

Seriously, if he was arrested for a crime why not pursue the issue in court and prove him guilty???

ile walidunga na paper punch?

I would imagine if a court order is not followed, you go back to the same court and have them enforce it. You don’t tell the whole world that you are going to take on a government and then proceed without said papers! To top it off, you refuse to adhere to international IATA laws by declining to produce the documents that allowed you to travel all the way from Canada!

I don’t understand some Kenyans. They spend all day complaining that politicians should not be accorded special treatment but when the politician they’re in love with demands special treatment, then they are up in arms again! Bure!


He refused to come out. Steal something and then look yourself up in your house and see what will happen to you.

The Tumbilee government was giving Miguna 2 options. To leave the 254 on a free flight to Dubai or enter Kenya as a tourist. Which means no business, no political activity, just touristy stuff.
His response: This is my birth-country, kill me if you want, I don’t fear guns, I am not going to Dubai.
To Jeff Koinyambe: You’re supervising my assassination.
Jimmy Wanjigi (earlier on): Please arrest me like Miguna. I’m pleading with you.
Baba: (Seating on the lobby snapchatting)

Miguna is fighting a losing battle. He needs to revisit his 48 rules of power notes.

so you know this?

Hapo kwa baba ndio mambo yote. I am sure RAO had agreed with UK not to allow Miguna spoil their “unity”. Raila has a bigger plan, a new strategy, but Miguna wants to stick with the old plan of resistance. Angecheza chini aende home akule super na kuoga.

If a politician is in trouble then we have no country?

Why does the govt become powerless when it comes to thieving tenderpreneurs?

He has a canadian one… he is canadian, remember?

Miguna was the sacrificial lamb.

It was confiscated by the government. In fact, one of the court orders had directed that it be handed over to him. He refused to hand over his Canadian Passport

What’s his current status now, where’s he?

–It surprises me that people support what is going on, If the government can take such actions what makes you think it respects your rights as a Kenyan citizen,
–UhuruRuto is a government of cowards, Miguna intimidates them so much that they do not want to hear a contrary view to theirs.Why not let the guy go and ignore him.It is only a retrogressive government that does not want tot hear contrary views.

The intellectual dishonesty in this country is just too much.
When a foreigner has declared an intention to overthrow the Constitutional order through unlawful means should be allowed a free hand to do as he likes? Don’t tell me he is a citizen yet we saw the Canadian High Commission intervene on his behalf!