Mnapenda Wazungu!

Mzungu makes Karen home? Omwafrika rushes to buy land there.

Mzungu moves to Kyuna/Loresho/Tigoni/Kabete? Omwafrika rushes to find a house there.

Mzungu leaves for Nanyuki? Omwafrika wants a holiday home there.

Mzungu moves to Vipingo? Omwafrika rushes to go live there.

Mnapenda wazungu sana. I was watching this real estate show where this girl kept on saying “this is colonial architecture” in a very PROUD and excited manner as if it’s something that should make the house any more valuable. Thick skulls think “colonial” means luxury :sob::sob:.

If you notice, all those areas were nothing and nobody cared about them until omuzungu moved there and then all of a sudden all the Kenyans want to go there :joy::joy:.

Hapa ndio ogas wametushinda. Ogas are every proud of their Africanness.

Weka link ya huyo Dem, I’ll call her out in a special way.


Muzungu invents condom. Mwafrika wears. Meffi logic

Omuzungu pulls out, omwafrika pours inside.

Mzungu found us here

Mzungu left us here, then came back to disrupt our ways of live.

We follow omuzungu hadi kwao

Kenyans worship wazungu. You should see how a white person is given attention once he/she enters into a hotel. Everything stops for the white God to be served.