Mnalia Bure, Next Month Mtafirwa Proper

According to CBK, “Murban oil price increased to USD 67.36 per barrel on March 11 from USD 63.32 per barrel on March 4.” These are the prices the pump prices in April will be based on.

The March prices people are crying about are based on February crude oil prices which were USD 61.61 per barrel.

Unless the formula changes or the shilling appreciates the prices in April will be even higher. If USD 61.61 per barrel equals petrol price at KShs 122, what will it be at USD 68 per barrel? If you answered KShs 136 you could be right.

(Mwalim Ephraim Njega)

Wakenya tuko na pesa buanaaaa. Ifike ata 200/- kwani igo nini?

Mbesha iko. Ata ifike 300bob hakuna siku utakosa magari kwa barabara.

Pissants enyewe watalia kulia,wengine maisha ndio inawabamba kwa sasa

The gap between the rich and the poor is widening, the rich are becoming richer, the poor becoming poorer. In a few years we will be like Nigeria.

Nothing to be proud of to have 10 billionaires and 40 million beggars

Cheki bei nyumba ya Jayden

But if you are poor, you are poor. The gap doesn’t matter. By August-December, gasoline is projected at $80 a barrel in the markets. And it will stay there for a very long time as the Saudis and Russians recoup their missed earnings from the last two years. And they will also keep it at those levels as we transition into Electric Vehicles.
But remember that Kenyans survived when it was at $100/barrel.

Mjamaa anashika continental ndio Alpha! Wacha ii vijana wa Kenyatalk wanatomba maraya mbiri Modern Green wanakuja kutuambia huku upuss

Alpha mindframe has nothing to do with money although it does help l agree

Umeme Kenya utatengezwa kwa Kutumia Mafuta. Nilitorokea Solar kuhepa dragnet ya Jayden.

Kwani lazima muendeshe gari? If you are complaining about the recent hike then you need to adjust your priorities because driving an automobile is not one. Aki Wakenya na magari…walk or hop on to a bus.

That’s only part of the problem with high gasoline price. You see gasoline prices factor into everything. Suddenly transportation of wheat will cost more. So will bei ya mkate. Buying and transporting stones will cost more. So will your mjengo. Maziwa, unga , etc

Wacha kutumia kichwa kubeba meno… A hike in oil prices affects all sectors of the economy.shm.

Fundisha hizi watu chief.

Hiyo mkate unakula ililetwa na mkokoteni?

Mujamaa wapi mbica ya Nissan Note? Apana angusha mabirrionea

Hizo nimeweka ni za reference only.I will literally ‘choma picha’ nikiweka note na hizi guzzlers:D


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