Mnakumbuka huyu malaya mkalenjin?

Chebet Pinkie?

She is in a deplorable state. A drug addict and cheap ghetto prostitute. Charges as little as 20bob. Hope her Kalenjin president Ruto will come to her aid. Sadness of life

Hii ni photo ya kitambo. She changed her life around as far as I can tell.

Weka recent pic to support your statement…you know the rules.

I see her on tiktok smoking bhang and consuming cheap liquor with suspicious looking fellas. Inakaa anaishi ghetto… She failed to exploit her fame just like Vanessa chettle

Ohhhh pole. I was thinking huyu ndio Vanessa Chettle. Chebet Pinkie ni nani? Vanessa Chettle is doing just okay.

I got confused na huyu mwingine. My bad. Chebet, Cheruto… easy to get lost in translation. Sijui huyo mwingine


Indeed she is just doing okay in dingy dens cousuming cheap liquor… Ata meno ni kama imeng’oka… [ATTACH=full]477814[/ATTACH]

Nakumbuka hizi picha. Sijui in some slum in Eldoret called Sogomo. But how long ago is that though?

Look at your life first before judging others

Anyway, life always has a lesson in store for each and everyone of us. You just have to always stay mentally strong. Choose those around you carefully. And as someone up there has said, when a golden chance comes your way, grab it and run away with it. True champions take their defeats well. Izzy, Usman, Max… And true champions take their chances and run away with them, Izzy, Usman, Max, Alex, Volk…

This is the road to all whores, very few of them are able to turn their lives around.

Uko na porno yake ninyonge?

That has to be a very old pic. Chebet Bado Ako form. The ass Iko Bado,and hajafika kwa wall.

We know the wall Iko mbele lakini Bado hajafika. If in doubt check her IG. With the same name…

Shimo mbaya ni ya nyoka ama niaje inasemwa?

Na meno?

Kenyatalk bonobos hukuwa five to ten years behind schedule so only a handful of us watch UFC. Haijakuwa mainstream Kenya. Maybe by 2028 your comment will be understandable by most.

Mimba ndio hu-humble 99% of women. Mwanamke akishapata mtoto ama azeeke ndio reality humngonga. Before that anakuwanga tuu anaishi wonderland where the world bends to her will.

Take a hot 22 year old utapata kichwa imefura sana. Let her get two bastards and the guys responsible waingie Karura. Her entire personality will change. Alternatively agonge 28 bila kuolewa na looks ziishe, you wont believe its the same woman.

izzy was very classy in his defeat

True. I don’t dispute that. But how many talkers actually know or care about UFC?? Its not yet mainstream here in KE though at least kuna like 10 more people. In 2017 nilikuwa napost about UFC napata crickets.

For some reason I felt he’d lose . I don’t know why Alex seems to have his number. I don’t think he’s better than Israel but he somehow knows how to beat him