Mnakula Takataka

Took a sabbatical from here, nikarudi kutupa macho kwa hekaya na quality ni zile zile. Tokeni Tagged/Tinder and approach women in real life! Also wadau, you can get pussy even when broke, dont let these weak ninjas deceive you. Mniattack but truth ni ile ile.


Hao madem una approach in real life ndio the same ones wako tinder na tagged. Just a different meeting ground.

Look who is talking… Ona zile Takataka unakula…


chinja yeye kabisaa

Hehe, naona zimeanza. Check the dates this was before nierevuke. Still better than 90% za zile vitu ziko hii timeline. Zidini kula meffi

Boss your’e a village elder, by now I expect ukue able kuspot kama ni lanye just by a few interactions. If you’ve been in the game long enough you’ll just know. An ‘eye’ of some sort. Nilikua huko na sirudi

There is no difference between tagged and other brothels… Stop living in denial… Ulikula Takataka and you are lecturing people

so umeerevuka in one month? jinga sana wewe


why is this NV lecturing us?

It’s simple, most of the men hawana time kudeal na emotions za izi jezebels, just pay, nut and disappear. Sometimes hakuna time ya kutupa lugha


The truth inawauma! Acheni kuwa malenge banaa. Man tf up

A reformed sinner ndio hupeana ushuhuda bro. You know what kufuck malanye does to you as a man. You’re the one living in denial.

Wacha kusumbua. Go be a reject somewhere else. Takataka.

You are just broke and that’s why you have turned into a motivational speaker. We know these games…

Lol youre literally the rejected ones ndo maana unalipia

Whatever makes you sleep at night man

:D:D Kabisa!! We are busy making dough. Hakuna time ya kufukuzana. Nina saa moja tu ya kupoteza.