MMNN round up

Kenha destroyed footpaths erected by the county government, now the county government is destroying all kenha adverts. This is two institutions behaving like kids and mind you this is tax payers money being misused like this
Hii nayo sijui kaa mmeona
and finally yule myamaa wa X6 was spotted in a kayole ma3 this morning. He was heard lamenting the high price of V-Power.

Ntulele hill Narok county

Aids control unit appears twice with different allocations!

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[SIZE=1]vc, hii turiona hapo awari[/SIZE]:slight_smile:

Chief wapi picha ya collapsed wall kahawa wendani?

woris awari?

Chief nipashe zaidi what has happened na Otange bus hapa

Wah…nmeona iyo ya kanjo na kenha hapo capital centre nkafikiria ni new landscaping design:D:D…kumbe ni vita.

Actually is Sonko vs previous County Government projects. KeNHA had argued that they were give the rights to erect barriers to prevent pedestrians from crossing on undesignated sections, also to advertise on them, but Sonko the dumb Governor has denied that.

How the ferk can you create crossing footpaths on a bend and to make matters worse you put them at 10 meters apart, like 5 or 6 crossing point on one section. Sonko ako na utoto sana.

I understand sonko has employed some competent fellows…but does he ever listen to them?

B. Warrah bin Warrah, You also forgot to ask woris "turiona" :):slight_smile:

One person dead, two others seriously injured after a wall bordering a building under construction collapses in Kahawa Wendani at 11 a.m on Tuesday.