MMNN: Richard Quest

CNN’s Richard Quest arrives in Kenya tomorrow. He will be among the passengers aboard Kenya Airways inaugural direct flight to New York scheduled for 28th October 2018. The Quest Means Business host says he is excited about this rare and wonderful opportunity and can’t wait for the experience.

Huyu jamaa hukaa kumeza cocaine kama fuckin, he’s always too hyper.

He was a drug addict at some point.

He shouts irritatingly but brings fresh creativity to his reports and scripts

what is he coming to do?

We niggas are so brainwashed creatures. Would our own Mambo Mbotela or Alex Chamwada be welcomed with so much fanfare if he went to visit in the US?

When is he committing suicide?
Most CNN presenters are always battling with inside demons.
Ooh and hope he means business on this tour.

Larry Madowo tried and successfully managed to copy him.

So true. Alex Chamwada would have been an excellent choice.

Si walete Elsa Klench?

Apana tambua Richard…Wapi Johnny Quest?


Karibu Kenya, Quest. Lakini you are working for the wrong guys. CNN ni meffi.

They settled on Quest for obvious reasons; marketing on a wider scale and building confidence.

You are looking at it the wrong way, this is adverticing, this trip will be featured on CNN business traveller

Bbbuutt by December sisi KOT na ndugu zetu wa Buyer Beware will be bashing KQ for lacklustre service(s).

Quest anapenda kuchuna sukuma. Mpenda kabat

His ‘scandal’ in NY central park was swept under the rug. I enjoy watching his show though.



Between the U.S. and Kenya, who needs the other more? That should answer your question.

What a two men and a squirrel choose to do in the privacy of a public recreational space is well… Best brushed aside

I agree. It’s about stealing a piece of the market cake from Ethiopian Airlines. Richard Quest fits very well here