Kenya Power set to shut down prepaid service at midnight to implement new tariffs; vending to resume 2pm Thursday.

I hope the new tariffs are standardized.

Ksh 10/kwh for users under 100kwh/month

As long as the myriad of charges and levies continues the shafting goes on unabated.

2 bob reduction per every unit…

bila lube

Hata tranjifoma oilo?

So, the price is likely to go up? Knowing KPLC it’s better not to expect much from those ferkers.

Just wondering how their Token Vendubg Software is coded.

How long does it take to changer a tariff parameter in the System ? Or are they using Flat files instead of a realational Database ?

Everything is up hata unga ya ugali saa hii ni 80 from 75 less than 2 days ago.

Tunangoja algorithm ileweke uone meter yangu ikiwa na 500 units .

Can’t relate , billionaire tunachezea 2500kVA generators !

Koinange,Muite and Grand Mulla

Kwaja trajiforma oilo never runs out

Ile wizi inaendelea pale stima house hata sijui mbona tuna hopes