its evident you can buy justice in some instances

Never in my life have i seen Tv cameras enter inside a kenyan prison cell to film but yesterday they were allowed in to record Obado when he was being visted by MPs. Alafu they were showing vile anaishi maisha kama ya wafungwa wenzake and not a luxury life as many had believed. This was scripted ati tumpatie sympathy ndio akiwachiliwa leo tusione ubaya…pathetic

Not all cockroaches are equal…

strategy, case takes a political direction. it dies

Sawa, Prophet :D:D

Defendants who immediately secure their release with money are bailed out. Defendants who secure their release with collateral (property or a promise to pay) are bonded out .Lakini lazima warudi kuskiza mashtaka

Acheni mzito atoke banaa…

Hehe. But wasn’t this outcome expected? Status quo afungwe?!

Sasa ngoja uone jowie na maribe wakiachiliwa.

Now i see how ruto might ascend to power despite the looting…, all he needs is Besha…

Time for monies to do the talking !

All cockroaches are equal but some are equal than others

This sets a dangerous precedent…keep your ears and eyes peeled!

hahaaa kenya jela ni maskini kama hufiki bei, uende ukule maharagwe. only the rich are allowed to commit crime

sharon alikuwa malayaaaa ghassia