Obado freed on a Kshs 5M bail

Atleast leo hatakula cabbage ya Inda. Obiero na Oyamo aint lucky

Leta bond terms chief

i predicted this in the morning

kesi imekwisa, saron tumesahau

5m cash

Bond terms omwami ndio nauliza

Kenya Ina wenyewe

ulisahau kusema " if you know you know"

difference ya bond na bail ni gani offisaaa. Paree juja polic walikula bail yangu ya 10k hivo tu


Deposit travel documents with the court
Not to get into contact with any witnesses
Not to discuss the matter in any political meeting or gathering.

ongeza bond terms kaa kuacha passport kwa koti na kureport kwa chief every 2 days

Shithole cuntry. Tano Terroh Thurakus.

Jela/mneti ni ya masafaraa.

hakuna surety?

Hapo laumu the shitty constitution that allows bail/bond to all.

Governor amekaa ndani sana. Innocent until proven guilty, as for the holoi polois, ole wenu

The court ordered Obado to provide two sureties of the same amount.
Justice Lesiit’s also insisted that Obado will not be able to travel outside the country, to discharge his duties as county boss.

He must deposit his travel documents including passports,” Justice Jessie Lessit said when she made the ruling on Wednesday morning.
Lessit also ordered Obado not to intimidate parents or siblings of the deceased Sharon Otieno.

The sad part is that his supporters are planning an home coming party for him. Expect bodabodas with twigs attached to them meleeing on the roads as they shout and whistle (or vuvuzela). Mind u Sharon’s family are still mourning. Let that sink in

Brainwashed populace in Kenya, shithole