Mmeona hizi threads kweli: Enyewe LIFE has no FORMULA!

It doesn’t matter how old you are, what career path you took or how much money you make … life can shaft your a$$ anytime and you find yourself beginning from ZERO!

wanasemanga repetion ni muhimu kwa retention, but hizi screenshots banae…

Life begins at 40

Hehe please do a research on that phrase, it’s origin.


Life is three parts. First part is learning. Second part is earning. Third part is giving. Looking at life in terms of years is pointless. Have fun in each stage. Because you never know if you will survive to the next.

The biggest resource you have in your life is your education and experience. If you lose your job today, can you talk yourself into a decent job with a significant chance by next week. If not, you need to start upgrading like yesterday. My dad still gets calls for work today, 10 years after retiring. He is not interested at all. Many times people run out of money. I have seen a few. I saw someone move from living in Lavington ( he owned the house) to Eastleigh. Another from Kileleshwa to ushago via Kayole.

just never give up . hata kunywa pombe but never think of suicide especially kama uko na watoi . never intentionally leave young innocent kids to the cruel world

There is too much pressure on people in their twenties and 30s to own the latest Rangie or Cayenne. People seem to have lost the patience to build wealth block by block. There lies the source of all this mingi stress.

Life’s about Having A Dream-Planning and Structure…

Planning=Structure…They Give Us Direction and Hope. An Illusion of Control of The Future.


We are also too socialised as consumers.

Kumbe anko @uwesmake unakuwanga na akili? Am impressed

You noticed.

over to you ,@Azor Ahai


A successful hardworking man will never fail hata kama ako 40