MMA vs Kung Fu

Alrrriggggght … wapenzi watazamaji nawatupa upande wa mashariki


There’s outrage in China after an outspoken MMA fighter , Xu Xiaodong , who has set his eyes on proving that Kung Fu , Tai Chi , Wing Chun etc are a scam and useless form of fighting , a pride of millions of not billions of people … He has done that twice now !

First time he knocked out a Tai chi master TWICE .

This year he knocked out Ding Hao , Ding Hao claims to be a descendant of IP Man , who was also a mentor of Bruce Lee . Ding Hao was sadly knocked out 6 times in a 3 round match .

Wing Chun is said to be a martial art that helps in one defending themselves against much bigger and stronger rivals .

So it begs the question , if Kung Fu a dead form of combat ? If the greatest of them , Bruce Lee , was still around , young and strong … would he prove MMA fighter Xu wrong ?


I think it also depends with the fighter. Share the video where he beat up Din Hao.
He should have sought out all the notable Kung fu fighters ama unaonaje?

MMA exposes all those fake martial arts !

Ding HAO = Dinya Wao :D:D:D:D:D:D

Heheh wewe ni mti ulipenda


I think it can only work kama ni wasee wa Kung Fu wawili … MMA ni mbaya , haina brakes … ni twende twende

MMA fighters are no joke, even in street fights where there is fight or flight they can easily beat up people badly.I like it because it is more practical, same as Krav Maga, a lot of Kung Fu techniques are not practical in fight or flight or when facing people from other martial arts but a Kung fu guy can beat up someone who has no martial arts technique

You killed my brother now is your time to die

Where are those guys not flying like i see on movies