MMA fighter beats up multiple Chinese traditional martial arts “grandmasters” - CCP is displeased

Masensei walionyeshwa mambo


The Communist party knows its bull.shit but the industry is worth billions of dollars. Very many people and the government benefit from the bullcrap. They can’t have one man ruining the party. It is important for the country from an economic standpoint.

Communism will have one hold on to ideals that don’t really work out on the ground. That’s how ussr collapsed so suddenly no one saw it coming.

But even Bruce Lee recognized the ineffectiveness of pure martial arts and tried forming his own which focused on mixing styles for effectiveness. The path that has led down to MMA

Chinese kungfu is pure crap. It’s more of religious mysticism than fighting skills. Bruce Lee incorporated more of judo and other hard-hitting styles to come up with Jujitsu.