Mlolongo Story Last Week

Last weekend ,I was strolling through the dark alleys of Mlolongo famous matharau street doing what many talkers refer to “Kuosha macho”
As I walk down the dim lighted street I shocked by what was displayed on entries of the brothels, most of the Lanyest displaying their guds are old and not attractive and that’s why I decided to ask for advice from a mluyia watchie ,and what he told me is similar store keeping rule FIFO, the most pretty ladies are indoors .
And my curiosity led me to several brothels just to check out what being offered there ,inside there are all type petite, yellow yellow, short and sweet etc.
What I did there is between only me and pussy pelder . Then I came to a certain pub just a normal pub for low class where they sold all kinds of makali spirit, keg and some beers, here in this pub I met two very very very beautiful ladies ,I mean those u find in some joints in Westland and I was thinking what are they really doing here because they don’t look like Lanyest from here(mlolongo)
As I was looking for a sit one of them was staring at me maybe because of the way I dressed well. She was chewing miraa and the other was taking Tusker Cider,
After few minutes she ask me tojoin them, and I got a closer look at her and I thought she was a Ethiopian, or those borana ladies, she got long natural hairs .
Then after a short while we started talking but I never ask her what she was doing there ,it was around 8:20pm and I started getting uncomfortable staying there because the curfew was approaching and I didn’t want to find my self in those moments of hide and seek with Makarao. And I said to her am going to kitengela and it’s almost getting late but what she told me no just stay with us here in the pub and we will go to my house at Syokimau .I wanted to ask her why would u take a stranger to your house but then a decided not to. It was getting late again it was 9:15pm and I just hold her close whispers some words to her "u are very beautiful "we got up and gv her tight hug and went straight to the stage tudandia a mat to kitengela.
While I was waiting for a mat I saw the two ladies coming towards a parked black Toyota Prado, and I thought kumbe they were waiting for thier sponsor, but Noo actually the one I was talking to has the key she got to the driver seat and the other on the passenger seat and they speedly drove off…up to today I’m still wondering who are they and what were they doing there.I still have her number but didn’t want to call her.

So, you want us to call her for you and find out what she was doing there?

[SIZE=6]drop the number we call her on your behalf[/SIZE]

Hahaha … be nice engineer

Humu kuna usemi wa “Nyumba hulipi” angalau umejiongeza

A Toyota Prado parked outside a hole in the wall bar in mlolongo will stick out like a sore thumb. Maybe they were also cleansing their eyes.

Woooi woooi :D:D:D:D:Dbe easy on the ‘wonderer’.

Weka namba


Huko a talker names @Starscream aliibiwa na malaya.

Mwanamke anatafuna majani hawezi kuwa beautiful. izo ni malaya sugu,

If you know you know

Hii ni kali anyway, uliosha rungu???

Young Man why do you want us to be witch doctors. Call the lady for a proper Meetup in your turf in Kitengela. Talk have some good lunch then chew mercilessly.

Then bring us the story. You will seem like a serious man when you do that.

This is a half-baked hekaya with more questions than answers, perhaps OP is an homosexual who has car-hired a prado and wants to lure unsuspecting villagers to those filthy mlolongo dens

Just say u want the her number

Planning to do that

Si maybe pub ni yao… there is a certain lady anauza changaa and those third generation alcohol in some place and she drives a 2019 toyota Harrier

For reference purposes a 2019 Harrier is more expensive than the 2013 Prados around.

Leta namba nimwambie mi ni jamaa meffi ya Kitengela.