Mlisema Airbnb ndo ni fomu sasa?

Planning for a trip once Ouru has loosened his grip on the economy. Nacheki pale Airbnb kuna sweet deals. So, kwa wenye hutumianga hii stuff, do what I see ks what I get? Nacheki cool cribs going for $40 a night and I’m scared I might book nipate lodgo ya matope. Please leteni reviews.

Leta Kwanza picha ya kunguru tujue if she’s worth the expenses

It might come as a surprise but its a solo trip, sijapata kunguru wa kuinvest in that much.

iko fiti mm hukamua kungurus Kwa airbnb za thao Ruaka before nirudi kwa wife jioni

Read the reviews but modly

The places are mostly as advertised and what you see is what you get: usually very impressive places sometimes but also read the reviews of people who have stayed at the place. be aware that there are some addons once you book…service fees na cleaning fees, halafu know unalipa $ rates so it all adds up little more over that 4k in kshs…You can try and do a test reservation now and see the total cost …

Kuna watu hucharge high cleaning Fees so cheki total amount apo chini

when you choose location also go through other filters
there is a filter for super host tick it
these are hosts that have been given good reviews by people who stayed there
also under the profiles kuna place watu wanaweka reviews check them before you book
and dont forget to tick entire place ama upate umebook keja alafu una allocatiwa karoom kako na kitanda na kiti :D:D:D:D:D:D

:D:D when I was still new to Airbnb, I forgot to tick entire place option. I booked a place at the coast and it looked awesome for the price listed, i thought nimeangukia. I had booked for 3 nights at 2500 per night. Wueh!!! acha nifike ile place, nilipatana na bazenga ingine. Mi nashangaa mbona huyu jamaa hataki kutoka and I wanted to rest. The bazenga told me, “if you want anything am in the next room.” I was shook banae :D:D, then it hit me the guy is a superhost. Anyway, the guy turned out to be a great host. Ukitaka weed the guy would deliver, hata ukitaka Madame for company he would organize. Hadi leo we still good buddies and I visit him when am at the coast.

Kwani you want to spend $40 a night on your monkey, how special is it?

You Only Luo Once. I don’t buy coochie and pia kwa my girlfriends list sijaona yeyote wa kuishia naye

Airbnb you get value for your money. I recommend. Hawa jamaa asking why you going solo don’t get it. let’s say you want to travel to Dar, utabebaje kunguru from Kenya upeleke Tz na vile huko ngeos ni wengi

So say that I am saying for four nights, will I still acess the place at day times??

I once travelled on a solo trip. It was the best trip ever since I made a lot of new friends and fucked a few kungurus I met along the way.

You see, when you travel with a group, it’s hard to interact with the locals because you’re usually as a group. Mnafuatana fuatana kila pahali.

Try to travel solo once in a while and you will notice it will be easier to do your thing.

Oh yes you can, the place is all yours for the entirety of the stay…they usually count per night for ease of computation.

I also did the same blunder but didnt go coz i told her nakuja na madame akakataa akinelezea she has a boyfriend and it will be uncomfortable so she agreed to refund back the money

I suspect she was into you, once u brought up story ya Madame she knew her chance was over.

Wewe ulimess, nikama alikua amejipanga kuoffer massage

Majamaa mtafanya niwe na second thoughts

Don’t have second thoughts, if you want privacy tick the option of ‘entire place’ hata kama it’s a bedsitter. You will have the whole place to yourself. @Encore ni nyau alipewa akakataa :D:D

Na nikitaka the place iwe na super host? Of course a female one?